Sunday, July 13, 2008

Long Weekend

Well, this has been a long weekend of fussiness. It really started Friday evening. Actually, not fussy all the time, but very fussy a some of the time and just not quite right a good portion of the rest.

Friday afternoon Boo just didn't want to eat or sleep much. He'd have a few swallows at a time and nap for about 45 minutes at a shot and just not be quite right when awake. Mind you, he did sleep a good 7 or 8 hours overnight, which did make me happy. It ended up taking a good bit of snuggling by Gak and Boo actually took the pacifier for the first time in about 5 weeks and only the third time ever that I can think of. (Of course, he only kept it long enough to truly fall asleep, and then he spit it out, but I don't care, he went to sleep. And that was one amazingly long run-on sentence...)

Yesterday was more of the same, but all day. Only this time he ate like a starving race horse. And wanted to eat all the time as well. About the time I went to go pick up Gak from work, I realized I didn't remember changing a poopy diaper that day and wasn't sure when the last one I changed on Friday was. There were plenty of wet, but no dirty that I could come up with. Hmm... this sounds like it could be the problem. You see, most days he's got at least 3 or 4 dirty, and some days every time he has a snack he also has a dirty diaper. Therefore, not being able to recall one in about 24 hours isn't normal for this little guy. There were two minerly dirty ones that evening, one just barely dirty and the other dirty, but no where near the normal volume for our little guy.

Today wasn't too bad. Again, Boo slept for about 8 or 9 hours overnight. I'm really thrilled by this prospect. (Although, I'd love to modify his schedule a bit... for when I go back to work. If he goes down by 9 and up by 6:30, then I can get some good baby time in the evenings and a little snuggle and feeding time in the morning. That would do wonders for me emotionally...)

We ran a few errands this morning. I was quite cranky with Gak at the grocery store for some reason. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because I'd been up since 6 and was feeling the need for a nap. I hate when I'm cranky for no reason. It's not nice for anyone involved. A short while after we got home though, I knew (or at least hoped), our diaper issues had resolved themselves. Anyone who has changed a diaper will appreciate this... Boo had a 4-wipe diaper. It wasn't a total blow-out and all over his clothes or anything, but it could have been. He was a bit mellower the rest of the day, although still a bit fussy.

I did get some good pictures, like the one at the top, this afternoon. The few that I took earlier in the week just didn't turn out right. I really wish that the red-eye reduction flash worked... With his eyes so light, when I try and do an auto-fix in Photoshop, it ends up painting a very light color in his pupils and it makes him look like he's got cataracts or something. I've started fixing them manually, but my painting skills with a mouse leave quite a bit to be desired. Oh well.

I just realized I'm starting to ramble. I guess that means it's time for me to wrap this up. Sorry for all the poop talk this time, but that, or the lack thereof, has been on my mind most of the last day or two. But, everything seems to be working fine again.

I'm not really sure what's up for this week. GrammaSue won't be up tomorrow because she's going to Arlington for something for some friends of the family. I wish I could go, but Mom's right... it would be way too long of a day in the car for Boo. Oh well. She didn't come up today because it's my parents' anniversary. She will be up next Sunday, which is good, instead of Monday because of doctor's appointments and the like. Yes, it's hard to keep straight. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm off to find something low key to do for a bit... or feed my son, I'm not sure. He was snoozing when I started this, but a massive hiccup woke him up again (Gak went to go get him and change him). It would be nice if he stayed up another hour, but I'm not sure I can keep my own eyes open that long. (Yes, I did get a nap this morning/afternoon... but that seems like a long time ago now....)

Peace to all and may everything come out OK.... *grin*


Flauta Mom said...

Is the advice in the book helping you out?

Addey said...

I already "knew" most of it... and have been using the tips. Maybe not all together, but Boo is such a mellow little guy most of the time, it's pretty easy to get him to calm. Usually there's a real problem when he's fussy.