Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swinging Babies!

He likes it! He really likes it!
The swing that is.
The other day I had a brainstorm of why he might not like the swing when talking with another couple at the portrait studio. They said their daughter hated the swing they had that was too upright, but loved the reclining one. Well, with Boo, it's just the opposite. This boy just doesn't like being on his back unless he's nursing or sleeping (almost asleep will do too...). Therefore, yesterday I tried putting the seat back up more like the angle on his bouncy seat or his car seat. Bingo! He was a little unsure at first, but within about 3 minutes was asleep. He stayed that way for well over an hour.
This wasn't a one shot deal either. He enjoyed time in the swing a few times yesterday and again today. I like the fact that he enjoys the swing, but I think I may just have to move it into the other room. When he starts to wake and is a little fussy, I can't hear or see him if I'm in another room. If I don't see him when he's waking, then I don't know he wants me until he's really upset that no one is there and he's wailing. I like to avoid that if possible. Oh well.
Yesterday was a good day overall. Gak has to work open to close this week because his boss is on vacation again. That makes for a week of very long days, but a good paycheck. The biggest problem is the girls that are working with him. Or not working as the case may be.
Well, as much as I'd love to post a bit more about this, I think my son is waking and needs a snuggle and a snack.
Peace to all and may your coworkers be good and your swings fun.

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