Thursday, January 31, 2008

See Ya Later Al-agator!

Well, today is the end of an era here at work. My friend Al is retiring after being here 10 years. Mind you, this wasn't his first career... he's done all kinds of things including being in the Army and a Philly cop for 14 years. Today was his last day. We just had his retirement lunch.
Al and I don't exactly see eye to eye on a number of political issues, and those we do, we don't always agree on what to do about them.
That's OK though. We enjoy our conversations.
I must admit though, it did take a little time for me when I got here to warm up to him. But, he's a great guy and a good friend.
I will miss him.
He definitely brought a lot of life to this building. His wife is a saint to have not killed him yet. He's always got a story or something to say. If you needed help understanding something, he'd take the time to explain it as best he could, which was often just right. He would willingly give an ear to listen and come up with some creative (sometimes very) solutions to things. Although, I think mostly he was here for the cookies... especially my oatmeal cookies. (I made a batch just for him last night... well, gave him half and the rest that Gak and I didn't eat are for the rest of the office.)
I wish him the best of luck and the enjoyment of his 7 grandkids. I'm sure they'll be keeping him busy!

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