Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Sorry for the lack of postings the last several days. I've been sick. Ask Gak. I'm sure he's tired of listening to me cough. That and he's coming down with the crud I've got. So much for starting the new year healthy!
Yes, I did go to the doctor yesterday. She put me on some antibiotics and told me to take regular Robitussin. I haven't taken too much of the cough syrup because it doesn't really help me much on a good day and wow does it taste nasty!
Yesterday was good otherwise. Michelle came up from Virginia. We did a little shopping, ate some and just hung out. Well, mostly she and Gak hung out, I took a nap after dinner and crashed early. Or at least I tried to, stupid cough.
I'd made some beef stew in the crockpot for dinner because it was easy. She'd brought up this caramel/chocolate popcorn stuff from her mom called Moose Munch. That was yummy while we were watching Transformers. (Michelle hadn't seen it.) We also finally used the S'mores thing Mom got us a while back. They were yummy and you could get nicely melty marshmallows, but it just wasn't the same. Cooking over an almost invisible blue flame in the kitchen just isn't the same as a camp fire. They were yummy though, and we may have had a little more fun with it if two of us weren't feeling icky. It was a very quiet evening. It didn't seem like a holiday or even any fun. But it was good to have Michelle up.
Ok, I've been rambling enough. I'll sign off now. Poor Gak's leaving for work now.
Peace to all and may your new year be healthy, happy and suicidal air conditioner free.

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