Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Weekend

Well, so far it's been a good weekend.
Friday night Gak and I went over to Kat's. Scott, Chris and Dianne were there as well. Steve even showed up for a bit. We had Pizza, played Apples to Apples and had a generally good time. Well, Scott's brain nearly exploded. I'm good at doing that to him though. I'm not exactly the most predictable person on the planet. I think towards the end I was doing things just to see the gears spin and break in his brain. It was quite fun overall.
We also got lots of mail on Friday. Gak got a bunch of Orks he'd ordered and they look great. We got a nifty package of stuff Michelle had picked up for us from Puerto Rico when she was there in the fall and I got 6 new shirts! Six! And all but one fits really well... one I'm still thinking about. And for just under $70! They were ordered from They were cheap, but decent quality and look great. They weren't even maternity shirts, but regular ones that I'll be able to shorten a bit after Boo is born.
Yesterday I didn't do diddly squat. I didn't sleep well, and I was just out of sorts. That's OK because I have a three day weekend. I slept a bit, fiddled around with yarn a bit and was just mostly out of sorts. Gak had to close so that meant I had the whole afternoon and evening to myself. I enjoyed it in a grumpy kind of way.
Today was a productive day. Gak and I finally went down to BabiesRUs to register for stuff. If anyone cares, you can find it on the web here. There's lots of stuff on there. I'll probably be making some adjustments and additions over the next week or so, when I get a chance to really look it over again and add some stuff that's available on the web only. I think Gak was having a bit more fun than I was with some of it. He really, truly is excited about all of this. In a quiet way, which is his way. He was quietly excited and terrified about the wedding. He's the same way now. We're both really excited about this journey. I just hope we can get through with as few big mistakes as possible. (I know we'll make lots, all parents do... just hopefully nothing huge.)
Tomorrow I have off. Mom is coming up in the afternoon and we're going to alter a few of my new shirts and tackle the dining room. Hopefully I'll be able to get pictures of the setup dining room by the end of tomorrow. We'll see. I may be able to convince her to give me a hand with some of the stuff in the back bedroom or hall closet as well... I need a swift kick in the butt to actually deal with it, not just complain and worry about it.
Well, I'm off to go fix supper. Gak's beginning to gnaw on his arm, so I guess I'd better feed him.
Peace to all and may you have a good weekend.

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