Sunday, January 06, 2008


Well, today was a success. I had a good time just hanging out with mom today. We don't get to do that nearly often enough. I think the last time we had any time just the two of us was when we were in California back in August. That seems like a life time ago now.
The first thing we did was have a good laugh at the pants Michelle and I got last week. She pinned them for shortening, which will be a great help. (It's a royal pain to try and shorten your own pants because you have to keep pinning and trying on until you get it right.)
Then we went adventuring to the mall. Our first stop was Ruby's for lunch. Actually, I had lunch, Mom just stole some of my fries and had a vanilla malted. She'd had a fairly late and large breakfast.
We had some interesting adventures in clothes shopping. The first store we went into was a very high-end maternity store. Like, they had $200.00 cashmere sweaters. Or $150 dresses. I don't pay that much for clothes I wear every day for years, let alone something I'll wear a season or so and then never wear again. I guess some people do though, it was semi-crowded. We tried a couple of the higher end department stores as well. That was also funny. We finally ventured back into more sanely priced places. There were a couple of really cute shirts at JC Penny's in the plus sized section, but I can't begin to tell you how they were wrong. Well, I can start by saying the fabric was about as cheap and icky as it comes. Then trying them on was hilarious. The bottom part fit, I think, but the shoulders and arms were quite comic. The sleeves were either too small or the shoulders too narrow or to high or something. I have no idea. Needless to say it was quite comic and we didn't purchase anything there. On our way back out, we decided to give Sears a shot. For grins and giggles mostly I tried on some elastic waist pants in the regular plus size section. Amazingly enough, going up two sizes worked. They hips, butt and thighs don't look silly and there's plenty of room in the belly for expansion. And they were only $20 each! Our original thought was if they fit well enough, we would pick them up, get the panel fabric from JoAnn's and then make our own maternity pants. Well, we don't need to, at least at this stage. We may have to later on, but for $20 I'm not complaining. I mean, my regular jeans cost more and maternity pants are even worse. We got one denim and one khaki pair. I should be set for a while. (We shortened all three pair of pants when we got back to mom's... knowing full well if I had to do it, they'd sit on the sewing machine for several weeks until I really needed them, I'd pull the pins out and wear them anyhow.)
So, amazingly enough, today was quite successful. I also got a fabulous 50% alpaca/50% acrylic poncho that isn't too long! It was on major sale because the store was only in the mall for the holidays and they didn't want to have to pack everything and ship it back. I still could use a few shirts eventually, but I'm not too worried at the moment.
Well, I'm off to rot my brain on the DS for a while.
Peace to all and I hope you had a good weekend.


Angeleyz14 said...

I understand completely about clothes shopping. BTW Target does have a women's section, but we are too short to use it (I'm 5'3/4"). As far as jeans/pants...motherhood maternity has been my best bet, I went up to a 2x, but they will fit me til March :). I tend to buy tops from my local lane bryant store (a tad pricey for my liking, but they have lasted me years) and since they are making them longer I haven't had to buy any tops yet for this pregnancy.

Addey said...

I got one pair of hilarious pants at motherhood maternity. Payed more than I do for my normal jeans. They fit acceptably, but definately not well. Again, see my rant on "streatch" fabrics. I honestly think going up a size or two in normal pants with an elastic waist will be my best, and cheepest route. My mom never went into real maternity clothes with me... so hopefully I'll have the same luck.