Monday, January 14, 2008

Boy oh Boy!

This morning's ultrasound went quite well. Boo is stubborn, but we expected that, look at Gak and I.
It's so very hard to put into words the wonder of seeing this little life that's growing in your belly up on a screen. There was so much detail and you could really see what different parts are. I could count ribs, see the tib/fib and the radius/ulna as separate bones. You could see all four chambers of the heart, see the eyes and even the split in the hemispheres of Boo's little brain. It was just so amazing. If if weren't for the fact they had to press so hard to see, I could have stayed there all day looking at those pictures. Of course, listening to the heartbeat is always such magic. It was sooo cool to be able to see Boo. Know that everything is well and growing nicely. Everything appears to be in place and about where they expect developmentally. Of course, there wasn't any way to clear up the due date, since the various measurements that they take indicated between 18 and 20 weeks. 18 weeks is my guesstimate, while 20 weeks is what my OBGYN is saying. Even though the timing is a little funny with 20 weeks, I'm not going to fuss over 2 weeks. Boo will get here when Boo gets here.
Oh, you want a picture? Well, they only gave me the one and it's on really shiny paper, so it doesn't copy well. I'll see what I can do, but my scanner is still at my parents' house and I don't have access to the one here at the office. I wish they'd have given me a few of the other stills that they took, there was a cute one of Boo's hands and face, and such cute feet!

Oh, you want to know boy or girl?

Should I tell you?

Have you been good?

Maybe I'll just make something up?

Am I being evil yet?


How about now?

Not yet?

Ok, How about now?

Enough already huh?

Can you tell I'm enjoying this?

I guess I'll tell you then... but only since you've been good.... and let me have a little fun...

When we went in there, we told the technician she didn't need to go hunting for it. Well, the longer the ultrasound went on, the more curious I became. By the time the doctor came in to take his look, I was really curious.
Now mind you, my niece Zoe swears up and down I'm having a boy. So does my buddy Al at work. One of my online friends thinks it'll be a girl, but I think that's just wishful thinking because she had girls.
So, I had the doctor take another look. Just to appease my curiosity mind you. You know what curiosity does to Rats... gets us eaten by cats... In his opinion, and I believe him from what we saw, Boo is a boy.
Yep, Gak and I are having a son, more than likely. I mean, there's always a chance for error, but usually a little less so claiming boy than claiming girl. (Girls don't have any obvious parts, and while boys can hid them, if you see them, you know what you're getting.)
So, Boo was being a little shy today. (His momma is notoriously the one behind the camera instead of in front...) He also wouldn't cooperate and turn around so that it was easy to measure his heart. We did eventually get all the measurements we needed though.
We have another ultrasound scheduled for March 11th. We'll have a much clearer picture then confirming Boo's boy-hood. (I almost hate to admit this, but I'm really not surprised by the results... it's been increasingly difficult for me to think of Boo in a gender neutral or girl kind of way the last few weeks...)
So, now I've got to get some more emails out of the way here at the office. Then I can go home and enjoy a night to myself. Gak's off playing Warhammer tonight. Maybe this means I'll get the "New Year's" letters stuffed tonight. I'm not going to hold my breath, but hey, it's worth a shot.

Peace to all and may your days be filled with wonder and joy.


Chelsea said...

Yay! I'm so glad it went well! Congratulations again. :) :) :)

Addey said...

Thanks. I've been bouncing a bit off and on since yesterday. It's all just so COOL!