Monday, January 21, 2008

Productive Day!

Now, if only my days at work could be as productive as today was...
This morning after dropping Gak off at work, I managed to get the laundry done and most of the grocery shopping. I did forget a few things because I didn't remember to bring my list with me, but I pass at least 3 stores on my way to and from work each day. I think I'll be able to stop and pick up the odds and ends. It wasn't anything urgent like bread or milk.
this afternoon my mom came up to help get the dining room together and some other odds and ends. There were only a few boxes of things that we brought from Gram's dining room that we needed to take care of. Most of that was taken care of quite quickly. We then looked at the shirts I bought. Mom loved them all. One we're putting aside until next year because it's cut a little too straight for now. But that's OK, it just means that I'll have something new for next fall. Three of the shirts needed a little attention to the sleeves and she's being a saint and taking care of that for me this week. (I can't quite get at my sewing machine at the moment, I've got a table and several boxes in the way...) Then we decided to tackle putting up the new pictures that I brought home from Gram's as well as the pictures she and Dad gave us for Christmas.
This became a fairly big project as there were well over a dozen pieces that needed our attention. One thing to remember is that we have plaster walls in this place and no idea what's behind them. Therefore, we decided we needed to go to Target (oh... darn...) and pick up some of those 3M Command hanger thingies for pictures and the like. We found something new by them that's essentially Velcro for pictures. It looks like it's going to work great for a few of the smaller pieces. Of course, we didn't just by the Command hangers. No... I needed to pick up laundry soap and we just had to wander through the baby stuff. We'd put a hip sling carrier on the registry and Mom thought it looked neat. Target had it on sale for half off. She picked it up. I also picked up a neat mirror that attaches to your rear view mirror so you can see the baby in the back without adjusting your mirror for traffic. I'd used one with Zoe a few times when she was little and I loved it. I would have put this on the registry right away, but BabiesRUs didn't have anything like it. I hope this one works as well as the other did. It was pretty cheap too. Of course, by the time we got done at Target, Mom was getting hungry as it was 5:00 and she'd only really had breakfast today. (She went out with some people from her water aerobics class...) Of course, there's a Red Robin (evil, evil place) across the parking lot. So, we ended up eating there instead of me fixing supper. (I did cook off the chicken for leftovers when we got home...)
Today was quite productive. We've got almost all the pictures hung, just waiting on a few Command strips to cure before adding weight. Although, the dining room almost looks more of a mess than when we started. That's because there's some picture debris there and a few odds and ends that need to be put away. That'll happen. Soon.
Mom will be coming back up on Sunday to help me some more. There's a boatload of work that needs to be done to this place. (I, and Gak, have really let this place turn into a major disaster area the last 6 months or so...) We've got to rake out the hall closet first, so we can rake out the back bedroom. Once this happens, we can move our bedroom into that one and get the other one set up for Boo. We need to get furniture for Boo, but I'm not even going to think too much about that until we've got our bed moved. Hopefully in the next week or two that'll happen. I just want to reclaim my space and get rid of the junk and trash that's accumulated while I wasn't looking. Yes, I'm nesting. But... this has been a long time coming. I've been very cranky with letting myself let this place get this way for several months. It needs fixing and thankfully, Mom's here to help kick my butt into gear. (That and she'll actually make me throw stuff out/send it to Good Will...) I can't wait to get organized. I'm sure it'll last all of about 2 weeks, but hey, it'll be nice while it lasts.
Ok. I'm rambling now. Anyhow, if you really care, there's a link to Boo's registry in my links now. (No, I'm not above pointing out the fact that I have a gift list and wouldn't turn down any gift...)
I'm off to play with yarn or the DS for a bit before I crash. I have no idea when Gak'll be home, as this is his Warhammer night.
Peace to all and may you have productive days and reduce the unwanted clutter in your lives.


Chelsea said...

I got that sling carrier for Michelle just before Lilly was born, and by all accounts, everyone involved enjoyed it.

Addey said...

That's so good to hear. I just hope that it'll fit Gak... he's not exactly a small person... Hopefully it'll fit me well too. (This may be one of those things we get two of... one for him, one for me...)