Monday, January 28, 2008


... Well, sort of.

Yesterday was a very, very productive day.
We found the closet!
There are no more packed boxes in the apartment!
We took 6 boxes of trash and 2 boxes of stuff for Good Will out of the apartment!
I'm exhausted.

Mom came up around 11 and other than a break to go grab some lunch, buy some fabric and yarn and a photo frame, we worked almost non-stop from then until about 5:00. There is so much room in the closet now! There is actually empty shelf space. Mind you, the back bedroom is still a disaster area and a half and I don't want to think about our current bedroom at the moment either, but we're getting there.
Mom was great about getting me to make decisions and go through stuff. Some days it is the getting started and the keeping going that's the hardest part. When you've got someone to talk with and hang out with who isn't invested in what you're cleaning up, it helps. I mean, doing this with just me and Gak would be pretty hard, we don't push each other enough to get rid of things or make the tough choices. We just shove it aside and pretend to do it. I'm just as guilty, if not more so, of this than he is. Therefore, we're not much help for each other in this.
I really do need to get better pictures of the dinning room, and the picture wall in the hall. It finally looks like a real dinning room and put together. That's good because it's right inside the front door. We also even ate dinner at the dinning room table last night!
Hopefully this week I'll be able to go through my yarn stash and get rid of some *gasp*. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can put the "unspoken for" yarn into the storage thing and put the yarn for specific projects together into bags and get it all into the closet. I think I have a lot more yarn than I thought I did. Unfortunately, not much of any one thing. Well, I do have enough for mom's afghan, but that's only because we bought it on Sunday.
I still have to finish the border for Boo's blankie and then I'll share it. I still can't find my pattern book of edgings and borders. Oh well, I may just have to wing it or find one from another afghan that I like and steal it. I need one big enough to add an inch or two to each side. Not too difficult when working with double-stranded yarn. I also need to measure my one blanket and make a plan of attack for Mom's. I'm going to try and make it 5 squares by 7, but it may take some fancy math. I guess I should figure out if the green or the blue should be the "main color" as there is definitely a difference in amount of yarn of each color needed.
Ok. I'm totally rambling about yarn. I guess I should stop. Sorry, it's on my mind as it's the next part of the mess that needs tackling and something I enjoy any how.
Hopefully in two weeks when Mom comes back up, we'll be able to make some real progress in the back room. Then we can move the bed into there (I really need to pick up new curtains first...). Then I can clean out the other room and start getting it ready for Boo. I've already got some stuff for him floating around the apartment and it would be nice to get it all in one place.

I hopefully will be this productive at work the next week or two. I'm still frustrated by the lack of movement on what's happening to my position (and me for that matter) after March. I've got some other projects that are keeping me busy, but it's mostly busywork. The only reason it's getting done is that I've got people hounding me for it and I can't ignore it.
So, on that note, back to the code and the issues at hand.

Peace to all and may you have productive weekends, good weeks and much less clutter in your lives!

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