Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, the rest of the week went a little better than the first half. Wednesday wrapped up OK. No major hurdles, but I was still a little off.
Thursday I had a doctor's appointment. I should have changed doctors a while ago. I really like my new doc. No, I didn't have an appointment for that. I had an appointment about my allergies and asthma. I'd 'accidentally' gone off all my meds just over two years ago. I thought I was doing OK. I still had a few times when an inhaler would have been nice. I've never had a "turning blue, rush to the hospital" kind of attack. I would always just breathe a little less well than usual and feel like I had a small child or elephant sitting on my chest. Well, my new doc ran a breathing test and it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it wasn't pretty either. According to that, on Thursday morning, I only had about 60% functionality of my small airways. Anything under 75% is considered a problem. I didn't feel like I was breathing too much worse than usual. I did have a bit of a cough. I'm thinking it was a little worse than normal because today I'm having a hard time. Instead of getting majorly congested in my sinuses these days when pollen attacks, I just can't breathe right. So, I'm back on the Advair twice a day. I also get to pick up a 'peak flow meter' to monitor how badly I'm breathing. 'Normal' is around 400. I think the last time I tried it, I was around 100. Oh well. Other than that, I'm in pretty good condition.
After my doctor's appointment I came in to work. Without my computer. I'd taken Gak in to work and then was going to go home before heading to the doctor. Well, I didn't and went to JoAnn's instead. Without thinking about it, I headed on down to work and went to get my bag out of the car.
Nope, no bag.
Oh well. At least I got there in time for lunch. It was the end of quarter meeting (which I missed) and lunch. I managed to get lunch. I was actually somewhat curious as to see how we did this quarter. I know my numbers were down from last year's first quarter, but 2nd is looking packed. I'm sure it was more of the same; we didn't meat our numbers as well as was expected so we've really got to stretch next quarter. They say that every quarter, but it almost always seems that we make the numbers at the end of the year. Go figure.
Tonight Kat and Scott are coming over for pizza. We may play bunnies, we may do something else, who knows. It'll be good. I probably won't get to see anyone the rest of the weekend since Saturday everyone works and Sunday we'll be at my parents'. I'm looking forward to that though.
Well, I'm going to wrap this up, close up shop for the day and head home. I'll remember to stop by CVS on my way home and see if they have a meter for me. I'm actually somewhat curious as to what my average peak flow is like. OK, that's the science geek coming out in me, I know.
Peace to all and may your weekend be full (but not of pollen)!

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