Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Belated Weekend Wrapup

I'm in pain.
I did it mostly to myself.
I'm just not too bright some days.
Either that or I just don't know when to say, not this time.
This weekend was a good one though. Saturday I was a lazy butt and stayed home and was just mildly out of sorts and did mostly nothing. Almost refreshing except the feeling mildly out of sorts with the world bit. Gak and I went over to the comic store in the Qmart and picked up some more meat for the freezer. That's about as good as it got.
Sunday I had a lot of fun, but am paying for it now. Earlier last week I told Uday that I thought I just might go to the orienteering event on Sunday this week. Then it snowed Friday. Well, Rick still wanted to go, and I'd already said I'd go, so the three of us carpooled. We went down to White Clay Creek which is in the corner of MD, PA and DE (the park entrance is in DE, but the park covers bits of all three states). There was still a couple of inches of snow and ice on the ground, but it was clear and bright, not too breezy or cold.
Just remember that there was ice on the ground with the snow.
I play it smart and decide that Yellow is my best bet. I haven't been out in months and the snow is going to make things harder. The good news is that I didn't come in last. I came in 6th out of 7. Yes, there were only 7 people or groups on the Yellow course. That should tell you how few people there were, because Yellow is probably the most popular course.
I got to control 1 in good order, if slightly slower than usual time.
I figure out how to get to number 2, and promptly land on my butt about 3/4 of the way there. I also go through some ice and into the trickle of a stream trying to leave number 2.
The rest of the course is more of the same. I fell some. I slid some on purpose. (Hey, if I'm going to loose my balance and fall and slide, I might as well avoid the fall part and try for a more controlled slide, right?)
I had problems with number 8. I would not have had these problems if there had been no snow. My plan was to follow the creek, as it led right to the control. Well, the side of the creek I needed was a little steep and on the north side of the hill. This meant it was pure ice and I couldn't break through to get traction. I decided to take the trails (which would have been easier to see without snow) instead of landing my butt in the creek. (See, I was trying to stay dry...) Well, I couldn't quite see the trail, slid several times into controls that weren't mine before finding the right one.
I eventually made it back. The last part was really hard, uphill in slightly melty snow. I figure walking in snow or on snow is almost as tough as walking in or on sand at the beach, either dry and loose or wet and packed. I got a huge workout.
Well, after I get home and stand in the shower for a few minutes Gak and I head over to Kat's house. We didn't have our Werewolf game this week because Stew was supposed to be out of town. But we all gathered at Kat's for spaghetti and Killer Bunnies. This was the first we introduced Stew to the Bunnies. It was fun. We had a good time.
I came home and crashed. I was going to write yesterday, but was still feeling a bit out of sorts (and much more stiff than today).
I'd better get back to real work. It looks like I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time in Canada next month if everything works like it looks it might. I've got stuff to get ready for that. Peace to all and may you find something fun to keep you busy.


Chelsea said...

Wow, Canada, that sounds like fun. You should make sure and get souvenir yarn, it's the best part. :D

Addey said...

I hope Canada will be fun. I know it will be cold. Hopefully I'll be able to find some yarn up there. Biggest problem is the fact that I have long work days usually