Sunday, March 04, 2007

Howlin' good time

Well, the weekend has gone well.
Yesterday we had new neighbors move in upstairs. I thought I posted about it earlier, but the same day the truck got hit the upstairs neighbors moved/got kicked out. I'm not sure what exactly happened there, but the tenants weren't happy and our landlady was livid. Just from the few interactions I had with the upstairs people, I'm inclined to side with the landlady. We've had a few minor misunderstandings about dates and stuff, but nothing worth really complaining about.
Anyhow, we have new neighbors. A young couple and their young son. I think he's about 18 months or so. They seem really nice, although I haven't had a real chance to talk to them.

Anyhow, today was our Werewolf game. I made soup and I don't think I'll be using the recipe again. It was decent, but the general consensus is that we all like thicker soups, more like stews.
We had a very good time. We had a little spirit quest and ended up getting/choosing Bear as our totem. The real fun came when we had to face down four vampires. One of which was a real baddy. I kept one occupied for a bit while Kat kept the baddy occupied. Scott took down his dance partner with relative ease and then Stew and he took down the fourth. It was almost comic. Stew punches into the vamp and then Scott grabs him. They laterally tear him into two. Oops. I guess that's what happens when you've got two strong as steel big hairy brutes playing tug-of-war. Gak's trying to answer some questions, like where Kat's been and where he and Zoe are, but I think he's raising almost as many as he's answering. I think this will be a fun romp, I just hope we can keep moving forward with the story. That long break we had didn't help the flow any. We had a lot of fun today with the game and some enjoyable company.

Well, I'm half watching the Dresden files while I type and it needs my attention now. Peace to all and may you find something fun to do with your friends.

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