Monday, March 05, 2007

Trees and Roses

I was inspired to write something based on a post from my friend Chelsea's blog (see links). In it she talks about her tree Charlie and how she hopes to have his presence in MO where they live now.
Well... I have a rose bush. Or more accurately, Kat's Dad now has a rose bush. When my Gram lived in Delaware, I had helped transplant some fairy rose bushes that were cuttings from descendants of her father's bushes. I was about 12 at the time. When she moved 7 years ago to Maryland she took two of the bushes with her, one was mine. I’d loved those bushes ever since I helped plant them. It was a scrawny little thing. I think it had been the one living back amongst the evergreens that hogged all the sun. I had 'temporarily' moved it into a pot and put it out at Kat's, intending to transplant it to where I was living a bit later.
Later never came (which is a good thing really). Now, keep in mind, Kat's dad passed away in March of 1999. Where the pot with the bush finally got set 'temporarily' was at the edge of Dad's garden, right by a stone we'd placed there. Well, Dad's been taking very good care of this rosebush of mine. She's now a huge thriving bush that has grown through the plastic pot and firmly taken root around Dad's stone. Kat and I tried on a couple of occasions to free her from the last of the pot, but it’s so entwined in her roots and branches, it’s impossible. She's always there, peaceful but with a spark of fun. She was even a prime guest at my wedding. She gave me flowers to float in the centerpieces.
She's a constant. Trees have always spoken to me. The place that's been my anchor however is the steam that runs behind my parents' place. It brings me energy willingly. It takes away my troubles. It fills me with hope and comforts me when I need it. I can hear it still and I'm nowhere close. I miss my stream.
Like I said, Chelsea's post from today reminded me of this with her quest for Charlie. Peace to all and may you all have someone or something out in the world that can be your anchor, your peace.

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