Saturday, March 10, 2007


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Well, today I get to see Steve for the first time since last summer. He's home for a little mid-tour leave. A bunch of us are going into Philly on an adventure he's planned out for us. We're going to the art museum and some other stuff. It should be a fun day.
I got a wooden hook off ebay (well, Gak did since he's the ebayer here...). I recieved it last night, so I had to play. I'm sending off a care package to my Gram today. I didn't get to make her any oatmeal cookies because my butter was all frozen and I was too tired last night. I made her this little heart instead. Maybe she'll tie it onto the basket of her granny-mobile. It's only a couple of inches tall, maybe 3 or 4. Anyhow, I know she'll think it's cute.
I'm off to get ready for the day. Peace to all and may you get to spend some time with a dear friend.


Leigh said...

Very cute little heart!

I wandered over here from C'Ville -- your avatar got me curious. Anyway, for sheer weirdness' sake, I think we play on the same EQ2 server! At least I've seen an Addey rat on Guk. Wacky.

Addey said...

Wow!!! We do play on the same server. I'm the Addey on Guk. Used to be in the guild Knighthood of Norrath, then went to Oops, now I have my own guild a bunch of close friends started called Wings of Fate!
Send me a tell next time you see me!!

Leigh said...

Will do. :)

I think some of my guildies (I'm in Night Watch) hunt somewhat regularly w/ Wing of Fate. I recognize the name anyway!

I'm usually on as Ysoria, my defiler... though I haven't been on so much lately since my husband's video card went boom.

Addey said...

I know I've grouped with at least one of your guildies, a dirge, (can't remember his name) last week hunting werewolves. We had a blast!