Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Clothes and Windows

Pardon me while I go crafty-girl on you for a bit. I got some more clothes done for the girls.
Sally is a shy little girl. She wasn't sure about the camera at first. You can see a good picture of the headband I made her. I used 1/8" ribbon. Her dress I modified from a pattern I found online. (The gauge that one was at originally, I think my 5-year-old niece could wear, 26" waist!) The dress was made with about 1.5 balls of Sugar 'n Cream cotton. It's a pretty little dress. Sally really likes it, even if it's too cold to wear right now, it's snowing.

Scout convinced Sally that it was OK and she'd sit with her. (Actually, Scout just wanted to show off her vest as well.) Scout says she feels like 'Gramma Sue' since she wears vests all the time. Scout's vest is a modified pattern I found online too. As written, it would have worked OK for a doll, but my girls are a bit rounder. It was supposed to be a sweater, but I decided sleeves would not look right with that yarn. It's some remnant yarn from the Project Linus blanket I did. I've got to wash it though, it's a little crunchy with the sizing they use on the yarn.
Today I'm working from home. This is because we're supposed to be getting new windows installed finally! Yes, I know, it's snowing a bit today. It's cold out. I'm not sure how much work I'll be able to get done, but I'll do what I can. I'm just really looking forward to having new windows. The ones we have now leak like a sieve!
Peace to all and may you have someone to snuggle with and a warm house to be in.

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