Friday, March 16, 2007


OK. It is official, the weather is really messed up.
Wednesday it was sunny and warm and beautiful. The temperature was up over 70 I believe. A wonderful day.
Yesterday started out nice, but then started getting grayer and rainy as the day went on.
Today, it's sleeting and snowing.
What is going on???
I give up. I just don't understand. And don't get me started about the fact that daylight savings time started over the weekend. I know, it isn't technically Spring until the 21st. But I'd like it to be spring now. We almost had it earlier this week.
Oh well.
I'm just writing this up and I'll be heading out the door. My boss just passed by and told me to leave when I wanted because I'm heading north. I agree. I was hoping to be out of here by 4, and now I can.
Yesterday Gak had a Dr. appointment. He likes being in the gray area. A lot of his blood work numbers landed in this gray area. The area between where a few years ago, it would have been fine, but they've adjusted the guidelines again so they're just out of spec. Trust Gak to be just a little off. Oh well. It doesn't mean any drastic changes, mostly on his part in what he eats when I'm not around and in the exercise domain. I try and cook healthy, or at least healthier. I grew up that way, so it's how I know to cook. It is all the stuff he eats while either at work or while I'm on the road. He's got a follow up in September. Hopefully changing a few little things will bring everything back into line.
This weekend's activities are looking a bit uncertain now. Kat had to cancel the gathering tomorrow because Zoe had a 105 fever overnight and was going to the Dr. this morning. Hopefully it isn't anything too major. She's had a cold off and on for a while of one kind or another and had a Dr. appointment on Tuesday about allergies. Everything Kat was told sounds so familiar... I've lived it most of my life.
Well, I'm going to wrap up and head out. Peace to all and may you not slide your way home.

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