Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday blahs

Well, I didn't get around to posting anything else this week. It was an odd week. I was never quite sure what day it was.
Yesterday I had to come in early for a meeting. Nothing bad, just something that corporate says everyone has to attend. It was about an hour of corporate stuff and then on to my day. I was actually productive this time. I got a couple of quotes out the door and some other stuff updated.
Last night as I was driving home, on my way to the gym, I get a call from Kat. Where are you? Uh... about halfway home.
To make a long story short, she'd been having a bit of a rough day and was trying to deal with two customers at once and needed me to pick up Zoe. No problem! (*Sigh* I really was trying to get to the gym three times this week...) I tell Kat that we're having Boston Market for dinner because I hadn't taken anything out of the freezer and had already discussed this with Gak. Well, we have dinner and Zoe watches a little TV while we hang out for a little bit in the kitchen. Zoe never did find Jane this time, she hid well. It was a nice evening.
On Wednesday night we had a bit of fun ingame. They did a live update that day and added an are called the Estate of Unrest. Well, Charitee, Ulli, Gak and myself spent about an hour or two poking around in there. We had a lot of fun. The area looks amazing and is nice and challenging, without being impossible, for level 70 people. It would have been even more fun if the Rats had been along, but they're not playing much these days. Then we would have had the whole old crew and would have really been able to kick some zombie butt. As is, we had a lot of fun and got a chance to just hang out together. It was another enjoyable evening.
This weekend looks like it should be a good one as well. We've got another Werewolf session scheduled for Sunday. I'm making soup (and probably a loaf of bread too) again. It is supposed to be warm, but wet. Soup is good for either wet and/or cold days. I think I'm trying a tortilla soup recipe I got from Michelle last time I was down. I get to put it in the crockpot and forget about it. I like those kinds of recipes.
Next weekend Steve will be home from Iraq. Actually, I got an email from him overnight and he's on his way to Florida right now. I can't wait to see him. We're going out Saturday for something in Philadelphia at the Art Museum. Something about a 'murder in the museum' mystery party and then dinner. I just feel bad that Gak won't be able to come because he has to work. Wednesday Steve is hosting a dinner at one of the local pizza places and we'll both be there for that. He's only home on a mid-tour leave, but it will still be good to see him. I may not write him anywhere near enough, but I do worry and think about him. The army is lucky to have someone like him on their team.
Well, I've got Friday type things to be doing here at work. I just thought I should post a bit on the happenings (and procrastinate a bit). Peace to all and please, remember to tell your friends and family how much you care as often as you can.
Oh, I almost forgot. My Gram had a procedure done on Monday for her kidney, the one with the bladder cancer. Everything went well, the doctor is very happy with the results. She'll have to go back again in a couple of months to check everything out again to see if the cancer has come back or not, but that's OK. Having to go to the doctor every few months to get a kidney checkup isn't as bad as some of the alternatives. Mom was down there to play chauffeur and cheerleader.


Chelsea said...

This *has* been a weird week. I was thinking today was Thursday until I read your entry here....crap, that means I have to go clean up the den for the game tonight...

Addey said...

UH-oh... Vampire on a full moon. That'll be a freaky game! We've got a Werewolf session Sunday so that should be fun too....