Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mild Wednesday

Well, so far this week has been relatively uneventful. No new windows (which I love!), nothing going crunch and no travel. I'm even almost being productive at work. I have a list of things that have to get done by the end of the month. I'm checking them off slowly. I'm dreading most of them, as they are for a problem customer and something I just don't want to do. I'll burn that bridge when I get there though, there are a few things in front of that yet.
Gak did pick up a second job this week. He'll be working at Quiznos a few stores down from UPS in the mornings and then at UPS in the afternoon/evenings and Saturday. He'll be picking up about 20 hours a week. That'll make a big difference. He said he did it because he was bored (and that leads to trouble...) and because he wants to be able to buy a new computer in about another 6 months or so. He's thinking he doesn't want to build his own now. Something about knowing all the pieces work together and don't need to be fiddled with every month or so just to keep running. I think he's right. As fun as that might be for some people, Gak would get frustrated way too quickly. Good thing though is that he won't have to buy a new monitor with his computer, we just picked that up a few weeks ago now.
Tonight Steve is holding a gathering at a local pizza place. This is one of the places he usually 'holds court' when he's in town. It'll be fun. We probably won't stay too long, but that's OK. It'll be nice to see him for a bit again. He leaves to head back to Iraq early Friday. I'll be glad when he gets to come home for more than a week or so. I know why he's there and I know why he does what he does, but that doesn't mean I enjoy seeing him (or any of the men and women over there) in harm's way.
This weekend is looking like it'll be a fun one. We have a gathering at Kat's on Saturday and either something there Sunday or I'm going orienteering. I really want to go orienteering. This is the second or third event of the season and I'm itching to go out. I won't be able to go next Sunday because it's Mom's birthday and the event isn't close enough to do both. I think it is over in New Jersey.
Ok. I'm rambling on now and procrastinating finishing up a work project. May your weeks be low key and your weekends fun. Peace to all.

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