Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

First off, Happy Birthday Mom! Mom's birthday was yesterday. She spent the day going down to my grandmother's and back. I hope she had a good day.
This weekend was a good weekend. I spent a good bit of time being crafty on Saturday. You can see the finished objects of my effort currently on my Flickr bar. The rolled up thingy is a hook case for traveling. I can actually hold most of my hooks in it and it still rolls up pretty small. I made several other things, including finishing Sally's yellow and white sweater and the fuzzy vest. The vest is actually going to my niece for her birthday. Sam just looks a little like a thug.
I also got material to make some shirts with for me. I have a couple of patterns floating around my mom's that I need to retrieve and get to work on. I need new clothes. I can't find any that I like and are acceptable for work wear and can travel. I hate shopping. I did manage to find a few fabrics I liked though. It should be fun to get sewing again.
I didn't do a lot on Saturday. I played with yarn and fabric for a bit, and played online for a bit too. I spent a bit of time hunting with a couple of friends and then later with Gak. It was nice since we went up to the Kingdom of Sky, where I hadn't been much since Echoes of Feydwar came out back in November. I enjoyed being back up there.
Yesterday was a fun day too. I knew Kat, Zoe and Scott were coming over at some point. I put on some stew in the crockpot and a loaf of bread. We all ended up going out for lunch at Don Poblo's up in Allentown and to the hobby shop. Lunch was OK. I'd been there before, but for some reason it wasn't as good as last time. There just wasn't as much flavor. It was still better than the really lousy Mexican we had in Oklahoma last time we were there. (I'm still surprised by that.) We also stopped at a few other places. I finally have a booster seat for Zoe in the car instead of her car seat. She was just about too tall for it. It is now much easier to move if I have big people in the back too, nothing to unbuckle.
When we got back to the house we hung out, Zoe watched Danger Mouse (I think it was a mistake to ever introduce her to that cartoon...) and almost took a nap. She needed it. She's still fighting off a bit of a cold and you could tell she was just tooooo tired to think. Meanwhile, we played Killer Bunnies. Gak finally got the two sets he'd gotten off ebay back at the beginning of the month. Not happy about how long that one took. We only added the one set, the green ones. Man have they made life even more complicated! It turned into a very long game because none of us could get bunnies out or pick up the carrots. After the game we ate. We also watched the Disney Vacation video uncle Jerry sent home with me the other week. I am joining the rest of the family on vacation at the end of April. Gak can't come as he doesn't have the time. I wish he could though. It would be fun. Kat and I are leaving Saturday the 21st to go down and join the rest of the family that will already be there. It should be a lot of fun. After watching most of the video, it was time to get Zoe home and in bed for school today.
It was a good day. We had a lot of fun hanging out and just being together. It seems that just about every Sunday we all get together now. I like that. It's a nice way to end the weekend or start the week. It also gives me something to look forward to. This week however, we will be going down to my mom and dad's for Sunday. My Aunt and Uncle are coming in from California. It will be great to see them. I can't believe Sunday is April already!
Well, I've still got to sort out the travel and PO situation for my trip to Canada next week. This should be fun. Peace to all and may your week be easy.

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