Friday, March 23, 2007

Fidgiting on Friday

Well, I guess you can see that it's been an uneventful week due to the lack of posting. After Tuesday I stopped hurting from all the muscles I hadn't used all winter. I do have a nice bruise on my shin where I ran into a tree stump though. Hey, at least this time I know what caused it!
Work has drug on this week. Not too productive, but not a total loss either. I think I've finalized my Canada trips. Or at least I hope I have. I haven't made travel arrangements because they haven't told me exactly where to stay or anything. I'm not really looking forward to the first trip up there in a week and a half. It'll be a two layover day. Oh well, it could be worse. I don't think I'll have to go through Chicago. I did finally find out that I am supposed to go to EPRI and our user group this year. It'll be in Phoenix the week of May 7th. That'll be a nice change since the week before I'll be up in Canada again. I think I can handle alternating weeks of warm and cold. I may also have a trip to Huston in April or May and another trip to Florida. It really looks like I'm going to be hitting the road again hard soon. I (and Gak) have been spoiled so much by this long respite in my travels. Oh well, it is my job and I do enjoy what I do.
Morale at the office is at an all time low though it seems. We've had several long time people leave in recent months and vacant positions that aren't being filled for various reasons. (Mostly head-count by corporate, but knowing the reason doesn't make it any better.) Management is complaining about how productivity hasn't been good and poor product and the like. If they'd take care of the morale issue, most of the other stuff would fall back into place as well. It is true that happy workers are productive workers. If I feel valued and appreciated, I'm more likely to actually care about what I do and therefore I'll do a better job. OK, enough rant about the office.
This weekend is a bit up in the air (as usual). I won't be going Orienteering because the event in NJ was canceled by the park because of permits and protected flora or some such. That's OK, I don't like Orienteering in NJ much, not enough climb to help you figure out where you are on the map. I'm sure there will be a gathering on Sunday, it seems to have become a trend the last few weeks. Mom will be going down to MD to visit Gram and take her taxes and stuff down. What a way to spend her birthday. Next Sunday we'll be going down to Mom and Dad's because my Aunt and Uncle will be in town for the day from California. Then on Monday they'll be going up to my cousin's in-laws up in New York. It'll be nice to see Beverly and Richard again. I do enjoy seeing them and it's been a few months. I haven't had any trips to southern California since their trip out here last summer. I really want to get back out there and catch up with my brother. I miss him a lot.
OK. I'm just wandering and being fidgety in my writing. I guess I'll end this post here. Peace to all and may you have a fun weekend.


Chelsea said...

Happy Weekend to you, too! :) We're starting a Wheel of Time game tonight, never played it before.

Addey said...

OoooOOOOOooo I've never played Wheel of Time either. Then again, I got bored with the series at about book 4 or 5. (Great story, got tired of slogging through it, but then again I'm that way with most series...)
We got more Killer Bunny Cards to add to the collection and are going to have another game day Sunday.