Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun with Friends

Well, yesterday was a bit of a Monday.
Getting to work could have been more of an adventure, but it was enough. We has a couple of inches of snow Sunday followed by some freezing rain overnight. This meant there was a layer of ice over the snow. Luckily the streets had been taken care of and the snow layer made cleaning the car off (except the windows) pretty easy.
I got in at my normal time after dropping Gak off at work. He decided (smartly) that he didn't want to walk in this crud. I boot up my computer and find out that the network is down, mostly. Some people who got in early or who didn't have laptops they took home were fine, sort of. After trying a couple of things I checked and nope, I had no IP address. Not going to get anything done online then. Well, I did get some stuff done, but probably not what I should have been working on. I should have been working on revising my training materials. Instead I was thinking up crochet patterns for Scout. At least for a little bit, then I did get to the training materials. The network came up by 11, so I did end up being able to take care of some email issues and other stuff.
The fun part of yesterday was last night. Gak got a text message in the morning asking if the Bunnies were still needing attention. (He'd sent an email to Scott telling him that the bunnies were talking bad about him and to come over Friday.) Well, he said yes, come on over tonight. Kat has started her new job. She's got to redo her training (same corporation, different dealership). It is all online and was wondering if she could use my computer to get some of it done after work as her work computer is slow. I said sure, you have a key, come on over. So, Gak and I get home to a full house with dinner already partially started (spaghetti), and the living room picked up. Kat, Zoe and Scott were all over. It is so nice to come home to a full house, especially when it's full of friends. We ended up playing a couple of rounds of Dutch Blitz (Flinch on speed), which the guys didn't like, and then a game of Fluxx. Kat and Scott weren't too fond of that one because the rules constantly change. Gak and I enjoy it as does our friend Michelle. I enjoyed watching the two of them 'break' every time something changed. Call me evil that way. We all had a good evening though and good food. Zoe had fun too. It was my turn to find where she hid Jane the gorilla. (Normally Gak hides Jane for Zoe to find, it's a game that started when we were moving...)
Hopefully today will be a little more productive at work. It's not so blech out today and should be 'warm' all week. Peace to all and may you have many fun adventures with your friends.

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