Monday, February 05, 2007

Weekend wrapup?

First thing I want to do is post a belated 84th birthday for my Gram!! She turned 84 on Friday. Yep, she's a groundhog. I had a nice long conversation with her. She's sounding good. Her short term goal is to make it to 85 (I'm not really worried about that, even with everything last year she's pretty healthy) because that's how old her parents made it to and then she's aiming for 95, because that's how old her aunt made it. I'm sure she'll get as close as she can!
Well, this weekend was a lot of fun. Michelle came up Friday evening, even though it wasn't sure if it wanted to snow or rain. We had a houseful again. Scott, Zoe and Kat all came over and we had an odd assortment of things for dinner. Then we played Killer Bunnies! Zoe helped Michelle a bit (she was very happy to see her) and wandered back and forth to watch Cars.
Saturday was fun. We all (except Gak who had to work) met Scott for breakfast. Of course, we were late. I'm usually on time, or early, but we just couldn't all get our acts together, except Scott. After that Michelle and I went to JoAnn's and had fun. We picked up some stuff for various projects. Including some stuff for Michelle to make some fleece Project Linus blankies. We then played and had fun.
Gak actually did an evil thing on Friday. He reintroduced Michelle to EQII and the fay. He and I created a monk on my account to play with her. She's now a level conjurer. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure throughout the weekend.
Sunday Michelle went home in the afternoon and I packed for my trip out here to CA this week. The trip out was uneventful, other than the fact that I had to leave the house at about 4:30 am. The classes this week are early as well. It should be almost OK, since I'm almost on Eastern time still. The cool part of the week will be Wednesday night when I get to have dinner with a friend from the game. Syn and I are meeting about halfway between where he lives and where I'm staying. Should be fun.
Well, I need to check the work email and get a few things done before I go to dinner and crash for the night.


Chelsea said...

Just reading your blog makes me tired, with all of the traveling. Blah.

Tell um...Gak to write in his blog sometimes! I never see him on messenger so I never get to say hi. :P *I* am supposed to be the hermit.

Addey said...

Tired and Blah is right! Luckilly after this week I'm home until March (I think). I'll try and bug Gak. I know he's been having probs with messenger since our first trip to OK in December...