Tuesday, February 06, 2007


That is the only word I have for this training I think.
I am currently starting this entry from the site… you’ll see why later.
Yesterday’s travel went well. I managed not to get lost on my way down to Stockton.
I ate somewhat early and headed back to the hotel to vegetate in front of the television for a few hours and then go to sleep. Well, that part of my plan worked great. Then my phone rang at 1am. It was an 800 number that I didn’t recognize, so I ignore it. The phone rings again at 1:15 and this time they leave me a message. Mind you, I have to be up at 5:20 or so because I have to be onsite by 6:30. I realize I probably wouldn’t get back to sleep until I listened to the message. It was a Dell service rep saying we’d been disconnected and the problem would be solved with a registry edit and walked me through it.
I have 2 Dell computers. Both of them are working just fine. (Well, the work computer is slow and cranky, but I blame corporate for that…) I mean, didn’t the lady on the other end of the line not recognize either my name or voice on my voicemail greeting? Oh well. I eventually get back to sleep.
I even manage to get out of the door on time to get to the site.
Note to self, make sure that you put all the numbers of an address into Mapquest when trying to get directions. To make a long story a bit shorter, I wander around a not-so-nice area of Stockton for about 15 minutes trying to find the plant, only to find out I was at the wrong end of town.
I get here around 6:45, not bad really. There is some confusion, even by the guy who set this up, as to who is actually supposed to be in my session today. Also, there is no real conference room so we’re steeling someone’s “desk” in the admin trailer. We finally get underway by almost 8. So much for an early day.
The morning consists of many interruptions, side tracks and not a whole lot of training going on. We finally break for lunch, and I promptly get lost again. I made it back in time though. But none of my ‘students’ are here, just the guy who’s desk we took over.
Well, it turns out that they’re having a mechanical problem. I eventually found this out when my contact came by to talk to me about it after I’d been sitting here about an hour. His phone rang after only getting out they had a problem and I haven’t seen him since and it has been almost another 1.5 hours. I have no idea what’s going on for the rest of today. I don’t know what the schedule for tomorrow is. I do know I’m supposed to have dinner with Syn and I’m to call him when I’m done here tomorrow. All I do know is that I’m bored (I took the gameboy out of my bag…) and I haven’t been able to find anyone who could possibly have a clue as to what I’m supposed to do. Technically, I guess I can leave, I’ve been here 8 hours.
I hope your day is a lot less chaotic than mine. I mean, I like a little bit of chaos, but recently this has been the pits! Peace to all and find some humor in your situation.

P.S. I ended up leaving around 4pm when I realized that there was no way they would ever have time to finish up today. I'm supposed to be there around 7am and the chaos will continue. We have no idea what or who I'm teaching tomorrow.
Have a good night all!

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