Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chaos Continued?

Oh my. I thought this week was chaotic. I thought it was over. I was wrong.
Yesterday was an adventure of sorts. Mostly good. I manage to get to the airport about an hour early. It takes me about 10 minutes to check in and I've got about 25 minutes before they start boarding. Then I see the line for security. I haven't seen a line like that other than in Philly for a while. Oh well. It moves fairly fast and no issues.
Then I get the pleasant surprise of the day. I'm in first class.
How'd that happen?
I have no idea how it happened, but my first two flights from Sacramento all the way to Atlanta are in first class. Wow! I was spoiled fast. I had plenty of room and they fed me!
Then I get to Atlanta.
Atlanta being Atlanta, everything goes downhill quite rapidly after that. To make a long, painfully story a bit shorter, several gate changes (including one to the absolute other end of the terminal, from 2 to 34) I end up getting home an hour and a half late. Not bad all things considered.
I was a lazy butt today and sent Gak in to work by himself and spent the day doing almost nothing. Well, I did manage to finish another Project Linus blankie. I'll posts pictures tomorrow.
Life didn't get interesting until dinner.
Gak and I sit down to dinner.
We hear a large crash and crunch.
This can't be good.
Gak goes to check it out and sure enough, our truck had been hit and the other car vanished. Of course, as Gak gets downstairs and goes outside, our friend Stew is passing on his way to Scott's and stops. Perfect timing huh? First call, the Police. Did I ever mention that we live right across the street from the borough hall where the Police are? Well, they show up in about a minute flat. There doesn't seem to be much damage to the truck. We were lucky that there was a strip of ice under the driver side wheels and the truck got pushed forward just about one whole parking spot. I was impressed really. There was some debris from the other car, and it is a car not a truck, in the road. The officer makes a preliminary report and says he's not overly hopeful that they'll find the car that did it.
Well, I call the insurance company to start the paperwork. I am on the phone with my sister when the lady from the local office calls back. I miss the call and call her right back. As I'm on the phone, I look out the back window in the living room and wouldn't you know it, the cops have a car missing the driver's side headlight stopped across the street.
Well, it turns out that this is indeed the car that hit us. It also turns out that I have a very good policy and it will cost me at most $100 to get the car fixed. I just have to figure out where I'm taking it by tomorrow. I've got a few places listed and my sister knows some too. If they're with my insurance company, that's where I'll go.
Luckily no one was hurt and it doesn't look like the truck was all that damaged. I'll post pics tomorrow.
The chaos continues.
Maybe this week will be better?
Peace to all and may you have a chaos free week.

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