Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, today feels like a Monday. Almost just titled this post Monday Musings. Oops.
Yesterday was Monday. Yesterday was a good day. I had off work because it was President's Day. Mom had off because it was a Monday. She's finally been set free from the boot/cast and can now go places and do things so much easier! Therefore, she came up to visit me. She actually brought with her one of her vests so that I could have the right measurements for making her one in crochet. I picked up some really beautiful wool/silk blend sport/baby weight yarn back in November. I will hopefully get quite a bit of that done in the next few weeks around my other projects.
The three of us went out to lunch and then Gak had to go to work. Poor guy. I'm guessing he enjoyed it a little bit more than going down to Target with me and Mom. We spent quite a bit of time there, wandering, chatting and buying things. We found a rug we liked for the living room. I thought it might be a little too yellow, but got it anyhow. Target is good about taking returns if you have the receipt. Well, it was too yellow, so it'll be going back some time this week. I would go to Target more often, but right now it's too far away. Luckily in the next few months, there is one in town that is going to open. I can't wait, I won't have to go to WallMart unless I really need something only they have!

But yes, today is a Monday. It is a Monday in the sense of it's the first day of the work week and getting into gear is a little rough. I have gotten a few things accomplished, but still feel quite unorganized about some things. Some of these things are totally out of my control, such as not hearing back from marketing or my boss about shifting responsibility for the logistics of some things to someone else. I guess I need to fire off an email to follow up on these things. The chaos I've been feeling at home is worse here at the job. Every department seems understaffed, under budgeted, over stressed and not communicating. I think it's always been that way a bit around here, but it just keeps getting worse and worse. I'm not the only one saying it either; a friend in another department commented on it earlier when he stopped by.
Oh well, we'll see. At least I'm home for another week or two, maybe longer. March is looking deceptively calm on the calendar. At this point it looks like I'm actually going to have to cancel my first regional seminar of the year. I haven't had a single soul sign up for it and only about 3 people ask about it. I haven't done a darn thing for it, and neither has marketing. I really feel like I'm adrift and no one knows what's going on or cares. It could be worse I guess, I could have no job at all. So, for now I'll keep the one I have, but maybe it is time for me to find something else, or at least another direction within this company. Yeah, I've said that before and never done anything about it then either.
Oh well. I guess that's enough complaining on my part. As I tell other people, either fix the problem or stop complaining.
I hope your Monday of a Tuesday is going better than mine. Peace to all.

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