Friday, February 23, 2007

Week in Review

It is Friday. I'm glad that it is Friday. This means I have a weekend ahead of me. I like weekends.
This week really wasn't all that bad. Work wasn't as productive as it could have or should have been, but I'm OK with that. They did feed me lunch today. This week was corporate's Engineers Week. Oh boy, we get to celebrate for an entire week all things engineering! It wasn't all that bad really. I was involved in none of it really. Corporate did recognize our products for an award this year, which means that we're finally being noticed outside of our group. I'm not sure this is a good or bad thing, but hey, whatever. All I know is one of the guys who got recognized really deserved it for all the work he's done. The others on the team did a lot of work, but this one guy has done the work of about 7 I think. Today was a lunch to celebrate. The guy from Virginia who's now running our engineering groups (SW and project) decided it would be much nicer (and a better PR move) to feed everyone instead of just taking the engineers out to lunch. I think he was right. I mean, a little thank you or appreciation that a lunch or even a cake or something can make a crummy week/month/year not so bad. It means that someone actually was paying attention, at least for a little bit. He seems to be a nice enough guy, this guy from Virginia. I just hope he can understand our product enough and our existing process enough to make it even better. I know there is a lot of room for improvement, but I just don't want to see it get ruined in the process of making it better, if that makes any sense.
Home has been nicely uneventful. I've been playing on the computer a bit, but not so much. I miss having Gak in game with me. I mean, for the longest time, we could never play at the same time, but there was always 'someday'. Since June we've been able to play together. Now we don't. I still get to see my friends and hang with them, but it's different now. I didn't think I'd really miss him in game or even notice really. Maybe it's just because I've been home the last few weeks. I guess part of it is now I don't have much drive to level Zeri because Ahri is already 2 levels behind and we were growing them together. Who knows. I still enjoy the game and my friends, but something is missing now.
Speaking of games I realize I never did give an update on how Sunday went. Well, despite fighting off a headache, Kat seemed to have fun. We all went out to dinner (well, not Stu) last night and she said she enjoyed herself. I didn't kill Stu. I didn't kill anyone. I went from 'being the one with the most invested so the one who made the final decision' to a passenger. Just like RL I guess. I don't mind, at least not much. We did have fun and it will be fun to see where things go. I am a bit worried though. Gak went in early Wednesday to work and spent the time creating more plot outlines. We're in trouble! But it will be so much fun!!
You may have noticed, but there is a Flickr stream on the sidebar now. I had a photobucket account, but couldn't link it to the blog. I can with Flicr. So now, instead of just getting one or maybe two pictures in an entry, you'll get to see the most recent 5 photos I've uploaded. You can even follow the link to see everything I've posted to Flickr. I hope to get a replacement for my digital soon, so I should hopefully be posting more pictures.
Well, I guess I should wrap up the wrap up. Peace to all and may you have a good weekend.


Chelsea said...

Speaking of becoming a passenger in-game...My little-girl Malk in the game we were playing last night isn't going to be in playable form for at least two more game nights. I botched a roll, and our ST made the effect combine my Dementation and Auspex to make my consciousness inhabit 110 people at once! Like looking out through facets of bug's eyes or something....Michael actually had a nightmare about it last night. Now THAT'S an effective Vampire game. ;)

Addey said...

That IS a great game! I can't wait for next week, we're scheduled to get together again. Hopefully we'll be able to move the story along a bit, but Gak's plotting still worries me. *grin*