Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chaos Wrapup

At least I hope this is a wrap up to the chaos. The rest of the week didn't really go any more smoothly. I'm just hoping that the trip home won't be too bad. I need a weekend!
Ok, so yesterday I was hoping to go have dinner with Syn, since he lives not too horribly far from here. That is until you factor in California traffic and a recurring cold and the chaos of my week. I didn't get done until 4, and at that point, trying to get anywhere would have been more painfully and time consuming than anything. That and Syn is trying to get over the same cold yet again. We did talk for a good bit and decided we'd have to try next time I'm in the area. Who knows when that'll be, but hey, it could happen.
Yesterdays classes continued the Chaos. I show up at 7 like planned. I had no idea what was going to be the game plan of the day. I was smart, I brought the game boy with me. I end up sitting around until almost 9 while they try and figure out who I'm supposed to be training. I then do two sets of operator training and have a granola bar that I'd shoved in my bag for lunch.
Today I head back there at 7am. I manage to finish up the first training session from Tuesday by about 9:00 or so. I then wait around for about an hour or so while they track down the last operator on duty that I haven't talked to. I manage to escape by noon.
I took a deep breath and went out for lunch. I didn't even get lost this time. I spent the afternoon napping in front of the TV and then finally got off my butt and went to the gym. My willpower is so weak with this right now. And all it does is make me mad at myself that I don't go. That just makes me depressed about everything and therefore I don't go. Lather, rinse and repeat until you drown your misery in chocolate.
On my way back from dinner I got to witness the first few minutes of a car fire. I didn't see the accident, but I wondered why the traffic wasn't moving. Luckily I was at a spot where I could turn and still get to where I was going. Well, as I get to the intersection, I see that there is a car on fire (it was just starting) and that there was a pickup involved and a guy lying on the ground. By the time the light turned and I was able to get out of the way, they had walked the guy off to the side. He didn't seem to have a back injury as he was trying to help walk, and it was probably safer to move him then let him stay there. By the time I got back to my hotel, which was right around the corner, there were sirens coming from all directions. I could almost watch the scene from my window. Interesting to see, I just hope no one was hurt too badly.
I then check my email. I planned on quick packing while the email downloaded and then to spend the evening camped out in front of the TV with my crocheting.
I get an email from the big boss asking about something that I haven't honestly had time to think about. Actually, I haven't had time and I haven't made the time either because I wanted it to go away. It is some very custom training for some very custom software that went in ages ago and will never go into another site. Therefore, I've spent most of the last hour working on that to get something out to the big boss so I can send it out to the customer on Monday if all is approved. Part of the problem is that I don't want to do this training. I don't want to for many reasons, the biggest being that I don't want to spend 20 or more hours developing something that will be done once and never done again. I honestly don't think we're going to get paid enough. I also had been putting it off because the ITO guy I asked how much I should add to the standard for the custom training didn't really give me an answer and so I was still trying to figure it out.
Anyhow, I was cranky with Gak about it on the phone. I feel horrible and I apologized a lot for it. I really shouldn't take this out on him. I'm just really not in love with my whole job any more. I would do almost anything for a nice, simple 9-to-5 kind of job where I can be home most nights and weekends. Today was a grey day and being alone in a crowded restaurant and then the email from the big boss just didn't help things any. The chaos of the week hasn't been much fun either. I'm definitely one of those people who likes to have something resembling a schedule and is almost reliable. I mean, I've gotten much better about handling sudden changes and chaos, but this week was just plain ridiculous! There has to be at least a little structure, and at this plant, the only structure that existed was Murphy and his Law.
Oh well. I'm going to go stand in the shower and crawl into bed. I have to leave here at about 4am local time for my 6am flight. I should be home by 10pm tomorrow. Yep, another 12 or 13 hour travel day. *sigh*
Peace to all and may you be comfortable with the chaos level of your life.


Chelsea said...

Oh, Deb. That sounds so awful. How much longer do you have to be in this particular postition? I hope it at least pays better than a regular desk job. I just doesn't seem healthy to be on the run so much! I hope you feel better about everything soon.

Addey said...

It's not great, but most weeks I'm OK. This week was just a bit rougher than usuall de to the fact that this was week 3 on the road. The job pays well enough most days, but not weeks like this. I hope to not have this job more than another year or so. Can't travel and have a family, and we want a family. Well, won't really more than can't. Not sure what I want next though.