Sunday, April 01, 2007


Well, yesterday was a good day, but not a normal Saturday.
I didn't go to the gym.
I didn't do the laundry.
Instead, I cleaned!
I'd mentioned earlier in the week that my battle with Entropy was more of a blow out with Entropy winning. (I know it will in the end, but I like to at least pretend that I've got some control over the universe....) Well, it all came to a head yesterday morning. I went to write the rent check, so Gak could mail it out. I couldn't find the checkbook. It wasn't in any of it's normal places. I knew it had to be in the house because that's the last place I was when I was writing bills.
I sent Gak off to work by himself and promptly started cleaning. Sometimes I write bills in the kitchen, so I started there. (It was also going to be the easiest to clean and one that had been neglected too long.) I spent a good 45 minutes to an hour just working on the kitchen. I think it was the cleanest I'd seen it in months. We'd been very good about getting surface spills and stuff up, but not so good on the cleaning part.
Still no checkbook.
After a short break, I went back at it. This time the dining room was on the hit list. (Can you tell I was just plain avoiding the desks or the bedrooms?) This actually didn't take as long as the kitchen. Partially because I decided that I just couldn't do anything with the few boxes that were there because I just don't have anywhere else to put the stuff. (We might be fixing that today at Ikea...) I found the table again, and the book case and I dusted! (Mom, stop laughing... I know you are.... *grin*)
Still no checkbook though.
I then took another short break to fix lunch. Or at least I planned to take a break. Instead, while lunch was warming, I scrubbed the tub and the sink in the bathroom. Gak does a good job of getting the major messes up, but it's sometimes the 'little things' that accumulate and make a place look bad that we're both not so good about. I'd had enough.
And no, I didn't expect to find the checkbook in the bathroom.
After lunch I tackled the living room. Not the office part of the living room though, that was just going to take way too much effort. I put away the extra blankets and found the tables. I still need to switch the lamps around. (The one with the broken pull cord is still at the end we use most...or didn't I explain that, I'll have to check...)
Still no checkbook.
I take a break as I'm tired out now. I'd been cleaning for most of the past 4 hours at this point. That's enough for any one day. I've put off the bedrooms and the desk areas until next Saturday.
Well, after sitting down for a bit with a hook in hand, I realized there was one part of my work bag I hadn't checked. The front pocket. (Usually I keep the checkbook on the inside, which I'd checked a dozen times.)
Guess where it was?
Yep, in the front pocket.
That's OK. I needed to clean the place anyhow. This just gave me the push I needed. I didn't do the floors, but I did everything else in those rooms. I figure I'd get Gak do the floors this week. There has been some seepage of Entropy back into the kitchen and the living room, but I'm OK with it. It's easy to clean up stuff.
Today Gak and I are going down to my parents' place. We're probably going via Ikea as we just need more storage. We need more book cases and a 'computer stuff' storage area. (That's part of why I couldn't put the boxes of stuff in the dining room away, no 'office' type storage!)
Well, I guess I should wrap this up. I've been up since 5 and I'm thinking I may just crawl back in bed for a few. (Ha! Like I'd ever be able to get more sleep...)
Peace to all and may you win at least one battle with Entropy.

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