Saturday, April 07, 2007

Productive weekend?

Warning! This post is going to be photo heavy.

I've had a somewhat productive weekend. Did I get everything on the list done. Of course not. This is me we're talking about. The one who gets distracted by anything even remotely interesting. Especially if it means getting out of something icky.

Yesterday was full and busy. I dropped Gak off at work, did the laundry and went to Walmart. I hate Walmart, but our Target isn't open yet and I didn't want to drive all the way to the old one. (That and I knew I'd never actually come home and do anything I was supposed to do.) I picked up some organization stuff and came home. I figure all this spring cleaning is appropriate, I mean, isn't this supposed to be the season of new beginnings and the like?

My first job was to tackle the storage thing in the middle of the floor. It really needed to be put together.
Here you can see the problem I was having. There is almost a 1.5 inch gap between the back and where it is supposed to stop.

Here are the instructions that I was reading. See that little talk bubble. Yep, slide on the extra piece silly!
Well, I did and here is what it looks like. I have another shelf to add yet and everything to put on and in it. I'm not thrilled with it. The bottom of the cabinet attached fairly well, but the top was a bugger. They both came from Ikea. They're both from the same series. Why in the world is there a .25 inch gap between the bracket and the top of the cabinet part? I give. It is together and should hold what we need it to.

I also spent quite a bit of time yesterday cleaning up the bedroom. I found out that Gak had 15 pair of white socks (plus about 3-6 pair I threw out) that were clean and didn't include the couple of pair of white he wore during the week. (He normally wears black with his black pants, but figured he was out since I didn't do laundry for about 10 days.) I also re-folded all the clean laundry that was in the room and even got his put away. Mine had to wait until today, I had to find my dresser and go through everything to get rid of stuff. I also came up with a pile of crud that just didn't belong in the bedroom. (Why did I have a box of plastic spoons in there? I don't think I want to know...)

Yes, I haven't touched the back bedroom, at least not much. I've touched it enough to know it's not going to happen right now and I'm OK with that. I did fix a few things and got some stuff up off the floor at any rate.

Today I spent the morning working on a tote bag for my projects while I'm on the road. It's about the size of a plastic grocery bag. This has been my favorite size. I made it a little too deep front to back though. I did add a pocket, and a very ingenious one at that! It's a flap closed pocket (need to add the Velcro) and an open one all in one! No, you won't get pictures of this because I just couldn't figure out how to take a half-decent one of it.

You will however, get pictures of a little bag I made up for my asthma meds. OK, so it's not so little. This picture shows it full. I've got one of my XL sized tank tops in there and there's room to spare. I made it a little bigger than I meant to, but that's OK. I've got my peak flow meter in there as well as my Advair. Once my prescription comes in I'll have my cingulair in there too. As you can see by the dramatic color pattern change about halfway up, I did a decrease in stitches. I wasn't expecting it to work out that way, but it did. Originally I was going to make it a little smaller again in another few rows, but I decided I liked this pattern.
Here is a detail of the top. I think it's pretty cute. I didn't feel like going around and around any more, so I did one round of shells. OK, the crafty geek info, I used a D hook and number 10 thread in Mexicana (somehow, I'd thought they'd call it Rainbow, but what do I know?)

I'm all worked out for the most part this weekend. This evening we're heading over to Kat's house to hang out and help her get ready for Easter tomorrow. Tomorrow we're having Easter dinner over there with a few people. Zoe is with her dad at her PopPop's house. I hope she's having fun. She probably is, she loves going up there.

Peace to all and may the rest of your weekend be good.

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