Wednesday, April 11, 2007

O Canada

Well, this week has been interesting. I wouldn't really call it an adventure, but interesting.
Sunday was a good day. There were 8 of us for Easter Dinner. There was more food than we knew what to do with and it was all very good. We enjoyed each other's company and Gramma Sue got to see Zoe, which made both of their days.
Monday was surprisingly an easy travel day. I got to the airport almost 2 hours early because of Gak's new work schedule. That's OK, it gave me a chance to start a new Project Linus blanket. I hope to have it finished or almost finished by the time I get home tomorrow.
My first flight was a little turbo-prop up to Toronto. I managed to get through Customs with no problems and a relatively short line even. I had about an hour to kill once I got to my gate for my flight. This one was a slightly larger turbo-prop (2 seats on each side instead of 1!), a Dash8 or something like that. The flight to Timmins was easy and short.
Of course, I came back into the land of snow. They've had weather like ours lately. It was really nice and all the snow had melted a week or so ago, and then it dumped another foot or so that's now hanging around. It's been right around freezing and a little gray. It's OK.
The drive from Timmins to Lake Kirkland is about 2 hours on a back country highway. In some ways it was like driving from Gak's parents' to Dallas, but on a smaller road and with no 'big' towns on the way. It's actually quite pretty. You can see the snowmobile trails following the road and spiderwebing through the adjacent woods and fields. This town used to be a pretty big mining town, now it's a town of about 10,000 people. There really isn't anything here.
The training went well yesterday. I hope it goes well today. I'm not so sure. We'll survive though. The people are nice at any rate.
Well, I should probably quick check the work email and head over to the plant. I may have a pic or two to post when I get home. This laptop doesn't like my camera. (That and it gave me a bluescreen twice yesterday....) Peace to all and may you have a good week.

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