Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunshine State Bound!!

Well, I will be heading for the sunshine state shortly, as soon as Kat comes to pick me up.
My computer problems can be safely ignored until next Sunday.
I payed all the bills I could before I left.
Everything (including Gak) can take care of themselves for a week. (They've done it before, but usually because I was gone on business, not pleasure...)
I'm still fighting off a little bit of 'vacation guilt'. I know I have earned and deserve this, but still... Ah... whatever! I'm on vacation!
It was a little touch and go with Kat this week as well. She had a bad reaction to some new headache medicine last Sunday at Zoe's birthday party. She's been sick all week. Well, hind-sight being what it is, we finally figured out that all the puking wasn't from an allergic reaction, but probably the flu or some kind of stomach bug. She's on stuff that's helping now, so she's at least alive again.
I really can't wait for this trip. It's been ages since Kat and I have had any extended time just the two of us. For ages it's always been with the guys, or with Zoe, or some other family member or friend. We get to be us for the entire ride down and back and don't have to do anything we don't want to (other than follow the traffic laws etc.).
Well, I'd better check to make sure that I've got the last few things tucked into my bag. Kat should hopefully be here shortly.
Peace to all and may you find some time to RELAX and enjoy life (not to mention this GORGEOUS weather, this is what April should be like!).

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