Monday, April 16, 2007

Canada Photos

Yesterday we went over to Kat's for Zoe's birthday. Her brother Michael and his friend Trish came up from Virginia. Joan and the kids stopped by. (The viewing and funeral are this morning and I'll be there.) Aunt Ellen was there. Zoe's dad was there too. It was a small family gathering and a lot of fun. Zoe loved the teddy bear clothes I'd crocheted her as well as a couple of craft kits I picket up too.

But, I promised you pictures from Canada. I didn't take any pictures of the town itself for whatever reason. It was a small town like almost any small town I've seen in Upstate New York or the like.
Just outside of town, about 5 minutes from my hotel, there are lots of lakes. It's April and you would have thought things would have begun to thaw. According to the people at the plant, all the snow had cleared a week or so ago, but it's back. This is a frozen lake. You don't realize it's a lake unless you see the sign telling you it is.
Kirkland Lake was a big gold mining town at one point. Just like Bethlehem with the Steel though, when the mining left, so did the town. It was much more dramatic here though. A town of 45,000 turned into a town of 10,000. Bethlehem is still a busy place and is beginning to recover, but it survived a bit better. I guess warmer winters and other stuff around will do that.

Anyhow, almost across from my hotel, just on the edge of town, is the Miner's Memorial. I really liked the way it looked in the snow. I wish I'd been able to get some pictures from the front, but I couldn't get there without sinking up to my knees in snow.

I hope you enjoyed these few pictures from Canada. I'm sure you'll see more pictures soon, from both Florida and Alberta, Canada. I honestly don't know if/when I'll be able to post next week while I'm on vacation. I'm NOT taking my laptop. If I can find a computer at some point and can get a few minutes of time, I'll post an update. If not, you'll have to wait.

Peace to all and may you see beautiful places and have wonderful friends in your life.

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