Monday, April 02, 2007

Family Fun

Well, yesterday was quite a bit of fun. Gak and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.
We started off the day by doing a quick raid on Ikea. In my cleaning mayhem on Saturday, realized that we really did need more storage in the house if I actually wanted to put some stuff away like it belongs. We picked up another book case. We now have three bookcases for the dining room.
What? Doesn't everyone have bookcases in their dining room?
Huh, I guess that makes me and my parents odd. I've always had at least one bookcase in the dining room.
We also picked up a storage/shelf thing for the living room. (Actually, the bookcase may end up in the living room too, we'll see.) It has a cabinet in the bottom and then three shelves up top. We'll be able to use the cabinet to store all kinds of computer stuff (after we've chucked everything unimportant that is...) and put some neat stuff on the shelves as well. Either that or more books on the shelves. We'll see.
Now we just need to solve the storage problem in the closet. But that can wait.
We also made a quick tour of the mall on our way to my parents' house. Gak picked up a new T-shirt and we found a little something to add to the package heading to Michelle. She should get it in the next few days.
We had a very enjoyable day at my parents'. I always have fun talking with my aunt and uncle. They are fun people who understand my sense of humor. We don't get to see them often enough, but we've got an entire continent between us. I know I'll get to see them in August, which will be nice.
We didn't really do much other than sit around and talk and laugh. That's a good day if you ask me. Oh, yeah, we watched squirrel-o-vision quite a bit as well. The living room has a back deck and sliding glass door that looks out on the wooded area behind the house. There were a couple of squirrels who were having lots of fun chasing each other around all day. It was really quite fun. These squirrels at my parents' place are about the size of small cats. It was a nice change from sitting around watching TV or watching people watch TV. The only thing that might have been more fun is if Gak and I had remembered to bring Killer Bunnies with us. I'm sure my uncle (and my aunt) would have had a lot of fun with it. I know my mom would have. Maybe next time.
We had a very nice dinner that mom made. We had chicken with carrot stuffing, corn, homemade apple sauce (yum!) and rolls. Everything tasted great and we had a nice wine to go with it. Most importantly we had great people to share the food with. A fabulous tasting meal looses something if you can't share it with someone fun. Eating really should be a community event. Everything tastes even better that way. I liked desert though. We had not-oatmeal cookies (snickerdoodles mom had made one day when she was hungry for oatmeal cookies but out of oatmeal) and lemon sherbet with crunchy bits it in.
It was hard to say good night and good bye. It'll be about four months until I get to see my aunt and uncle again and then it'll be for a family gathering. My younger cousin is getting married. It will be a fun event, but there will be lots of people so I probably won't get to see them much. It does mean I'll get to see my brother though. I do miss him.
Today has been a Monday of a work day, but that's to be expected. Tonight I get to pick up Zoe because Kat has a late customer meeting. I get to take her to a Daisy meeting, which should be fun. I have no idea other than that what is going on, but we'll see.
Well, I've got to get back to the grind of writing training materials I don't want to write and will only be used once (long story). Peace to all and may you have family and friends you enjoy!

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Chelsea said...

Of course bookcase in the dining room! We have one built into our new cabinets! Or at least, we will once we get them put up...