Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Ever wake up in the middle of the night and realize that you forgot to do something important? Well, that's what happened to me. Unfortunately, as in most cases, I was not imagining things and I really did forget something. For work. For next week.
It turns out that for almost a month now I've known that I've had a set of training classes in California for the week of February 5th. Well, that's Monday. I hadn't ordered books or made travel plans or anything. I thought I had another week! So Monday morning I get yet another 6am flight (Gak's gonna hurt me I think...) and go out to CA. I'm going to be north (I think) of Sacramento. I'm not looking forward to this, since they want a 6:30 am start time each day. Shouldn't be all that bad since I'm stuck somewhere between East Coast and Central time right now. Oh well, after that I'll be home for a few.

As far as yesterday's course went, everything was great. Well, Bruce's part was great, mine was acceptable. Actually, I'm glad mine was only OK, if not, we would have really run out of time! From the feedback we got, pretty much everyone enjoyed it. Bruce was really wiped at the end of the day. He said that talking for most of 8 hour is much more tiring than his normal stack testing job. I laughed and told him welcome to my life!
I head home today. Michelle will be up from MD this weekend, which should be fun. I just hope I'm not going to be too stressed out to enjoy her company. We always have a good time together.

Well, I've got to get my stuff together and head out to the airport. Another 2-layover day today. This time in Min and Dulles. Yeah, not my favorite in either case, but I'll live.
Peace to all and may no projects get forgotten.

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