Thursday, January 11, 2007


This is going to be an odd post. Too many different random thoughts going through my head.
There are a couple of things I've noticed around here. Everyone and I mean everyone is bilingual, and I mean truly bilingual, with total comprehension in both languages. I think it's great. It is a little odd to overhear a conversation where one second they're speaking Spanish and the next English, switching to whichever works better at the moment. That and I definitely stick out around here. I have yet to see another blond haired, blue eyed person in this town. Yep, there's no way I'm a local *laugh*.
I wrapped up training today. It was good to see some of the guys who I saw last time I was down here. This means I get to go home early. It's going to cost, but it is worth it. I have work that I could do tomorrow... if I was at my desk.... If it was summer, I wouldn't be all that worried about spending an extra day here, I'd just go to the beach over on the Gulf coast. Even though it's much warmer (usually) down here than home in the winter, it's not that nice.
I'm kinda in a blah/bored mood this evening. I can't seem to sit still and I didn't bring anything (crocheting) with me to keep my hands occupied, so that just isn't helping things any. I don't have the attention span to stick with the gameboy for long even! That and a few odd little thoughts about my life keep intruding into my thoughts and are somewhat depressing and frustrating. Nothing I feel like sharing here at the moment though. I think I'll stew on them a bit longer. I'm just out of sorts and feeling a little off. Oh well. At least I have a 3-day weekend coming. That will be nice.
I'm finding I like the time off more and more. I love what I do, but suddenly I'm getting pretty tired of the travel and the in-office work is really not what I look forward to doing. I'm a great worker and grunt. I'm not so great as an administrator or manager. I'm quite content to sit in my cube and fix problems or stand in front of people and teach all day. I have very little desire to actually run things. I remember back as far as high school or college thinking that. I remember thinking that I'd love to just be able to do lab work and experiments all day and maybe write a few papers but I really did not want to be in charge of anything or any one. I need something that stimulates my brain and my problem solving skills and preferably is hands on in some way shape or form. (Yes, tech support is hands on, especially with this software as I was having to manipulate things and code to see what was wrong and fix it...) I don't know. It seems I've had mixed feelings off and on for a while now about work.
Heh, I really didn't intend on writing a rant about work. I guess it just came out as I typed. *laugh* I'm not even really looking at what I"m typing right now, just putting words onto the screen.
Well, I think I"m going to get ready for bed and flip through TV channels for a while. Gak's supposed to call me soon and tuck me in (unless he got distracted in-game again, which I totally understand!)
Peace to all and may you be happy in whatever you are doing.

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