Monday, January 29, 2007

Travling Ratling Update

Well, I’m at least starting this entry from the Boston Logan airport. I would be posting it from here, but they want $8 to connect to the internet and I’ve only got about an hour layover. Nope, not going to pay that. If I had my original two hour layover, I’d pay it because I’d have enough time to acualy get work done. Now I only have enough time to download the email and feel overwhelmed. More about why my layover is short in a bit.
Our trip to OK wrapped up OK. No, that wasn’t done on purpose, it’s not my fault that Oklahoma is abbreviated OK and so is the common word for acceptable. Friday we didn’t do much. Gak’s mom took her friend Carol to the city for an MRI. I like her, she’s good people. Gak and I just hung around the house. In the afternoon, Gak and I borrowed the car and headed over to Ada to try and find some of our friends. We couldn’t. But what we did find was that between the church and the stop sign in Paoli the limit is 25. I was doing 36, as I almost always do through there since I always thought it was 35. Well, we’re figuring the only reason he pulled us over is because it was Jim’s car and it wasn’t Jim or Peggy driving. We got off with a warning and a bit of a laugh at ourselves. On Saturday Gak and I went to Norman with his friend Ronnie. We went to a few comic and game stores, stopped by Michaels so I could buy more yarn (I’d used up what I brought…) and the bookstore. We then went back to the house and watched movies. We ended up having a full house for supper, as Gak’s mom’s brother and wife were over and Ronnie was still there too. It was good food. I like Gak’s other uncle, he’s good people too. The trip home was mostly uneventful, which was nice. We beat the snow home.
I had a 12-hour turnaround between the trip to OK and my trip this week. This is s lot closer than I like to make it. The only good thing is that Gak was with me all last week, so I don’t feel quite like I’m abandoning him.
This morning the flight left ABE about 5 or 10 minutes late, no big deal. My first leg is through Boston (hence why I’m writing from Logan Airport…). It was on a puddle jumper of a turbo prop. Other than being cold and noisy, the flight itself wasn’t bad. We didn’t land right away when we got here though. I felt like I was trapped in an episode of West Wing for a bit. You know, the one where CJ has to keep the press from knowing that their circling all over the place just because they can’t confirm the gear is down. We had the same problem. Obviously everything was fine. Most of the 10 or so people on board didn’t quite know what was going on because they couldn’t hear our pilot over the speaker. I only heard enough to know what was going on and, being me, not panic. So, this is why I have about an hour here at Logan instead of two and this will be added to and posted sometime this evening. Bruce, my cohort in this seminar thing this week, is meeting me in Minnesota. He’s from there so it was real convenient. I hope this goes well. I’ll either just post this later or add more and post.

OK. I'm in North Dakota now. The trip from Boston to Minnesota wasn't too bad; it was just crowded. I met up with Bruce at the airport. We figured we've got everything about as under control as possible for tomorrow. I scarfed down some lunch (the first real food I'd had all day). I thought I was done with adventures in travel for the day after the incident on the way to Boston. Nope, I was wrong. We end up sitting on the tarmac at the gate for about 45 minutes or so because of a faulty SW or HW problem. They fixed it, but we were about an hour late getting into ND. It wouldn't be so bad out if the wind wasn't blowing at about 100 MPH. Ok, so I exaggerate, but it sure feels like that. At 2F that makes it really, really cold. I hope tomorrow goes well. It should.
Peace to all and may you not freeze your face off in an arctic blast.

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