Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Finally Freezing

Well, I think winter has finally come to this part of PA. I thought it had back in November as well at one point. I wonder how long it will stay this time. The temperature on the bank sign said 20 as I drove to work today. That definitely qualifies as winter. It's not even supposed to hit freezing today, and we might even see snow overnight this week. Poor Gak is walking to work. Oh well. He has his abominable snowman coat and that keeps him plenty warm.
Other than the suddenly freezing weather, life's been pretty routine. We had a ton of people over Monday evening and that was a lot of fun. Mom couldn't come though, which was a bummer. She finally has the cast off, but the X-rays show that there hasn't been a whole lot of healing. She's got to wear the boot all the time, even at home. She can't really even get back into the pool like she's been wanting because if she slips on the wet floor, that would be even worse! I just hope she's managed to figure out how to get a shower, now that she doesn't have the cast to deal with. I know that was bugging her almost as much as just having the cast was. I know I'd go stark raving mad if I couldn't get properly clean for more than a few days. Sponge baths of any description can only get you feeling so clean... and washing your hair in the sink is not my idea of fun either.
OK. I didn't mean to turn this into a post about my mom's trials and tribulations with her foot. I am worried though. It does worry me a bit that it isn't healing properly. I want her walking well again soon.
Well, I guess I should attempt to get the stuff on my plate done here at work. I'll get there, but it's been a battle. There are too many other interesting things I'd rather be doing. Like being home and making up a batch of chicken soup or something since it's cold out. Oh well. Work it is!
Peace to all and may you be safe and happy!


Chelsea said...

Mmm...chicken you have a good recipe? I have yet to find one that's just right.

Addey said...

The recipe I used would have been pretty good if I hadn't put the rice in right away. Pretty simple too, since you just throw everthing in the crock pot.
1 lb cooked chicken
carrots, celery and onion (don't remember how much, but can change to taste)
I think I added some garlic
2 boxes chicken broth (organic store brand is what I used)
1c rice, but don't add until last 30 min or so. Cook on low ~6 hours or until it smells done.