Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Mexico or Texas?

I still hate the Huston airport when it comes to connections. Nothing new or unusual. Other than that, the trip to get down to Brownsville was unexciting. The name of the post refers to the fact that if you're not careful, you will accidently find yourself in a line to cross the border into Mexico. Oops. Hasn't happened to me, but it came close if I'd made a left instead of a right. Also, since we're so close to the border, I'm really beginning to feel that English is the minority language. Actualy, I know it is. That's OK when I'm in a store catering to Mecixans and other Hispanic or Latin people. Even better when I'm at a Mexican resteraunt (then at least I know I'm probably going to get good food). But it's not so OK when I'm trying to do business at Target. Actualy, that's not my major gripe. What my major gripe is that it feels like Mexico. Or at least where I was in Mexico City. It feels old and dirty and run down, like no one has the time, money or wants to care enough to take care of anything.
Which is odd. I'm changing hotel rooms this evening. I got a message on the hotel room voicemail telling me they needed to move me to another room because of construction. OK... sure, whatever. I'm not here all day since I'm in meetings. I thought they meant construction on other parts of this floor. (This is about the 3rd hotel I've been in recently under renovation... what's the deal??) Nope, this room is schedule for renovation. Huh? The paint looks new, the carpet doesn't even have high traffic stains on it. The furniture is all nice and new looking. I don't get it. Oh well. No big deal. I'll move down to the other room and stay there for the rest of the week. Not like I have tons of crap with me anyhow.
Ok, enough rambling. I need to throw my stuff together so I can get some sleep soon. I hope your days aren't quite so odd. Peace to all!

Oh, I used my poncho yesterday while traveling. It was GREAT! It kept me warm on the plane and didn't try and fall off (like my shawl) while running through the airport. It's a little long really, but it was nice.

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