Saturday, January 06, 2007


Warning! Girly-girl Crafter post!

I'd been drooling over the Bernat Denim yarn for a while. I refused to buy any until I had a pattern in mind. I have been wanting a 'warm' poncho to take on planes that could double as both blanket and clothing. Well, I found a pattern on the South West Trading company website. It was the Salt River Poncho. I decided this would be GREAT for the yearn.
Well, I don't stick to patterns well (yes, I color outside of the lines as well....). I did this time, mostly. I did everything as the pattern said, except since I was using a heavier yearn, it turned out wider, so I made it longer too.
I know it was just what I needed when I tried it on last night and Gak exclaimed "Oh, Baby! That looks gorgeous on you!!"

It really looks a lot more like denim in person. I'm so happy with it!!
On a side note, I came down with Gak's cold yesterday. I feel kinda run down and my sinuses are just draining... mostly down the back of my throat. Not my idea of fun. I'm taking today off from doing anything productive. I'm going to spend it on the computer and possibly start another project.
Peace to all and may you escape the winter with as few colds as possible!


vicki said...

your shawl is beautiful, you did a awesome job on it, i love how it turns out, was it a free pattern? if so could you link me? thanks in advance if you can, if not i understand. hugs

Michelle said...

Lovely poncho and a very nice compliment from your husband, too :)

-- Michelle

Addey said...

Here's the website for SWTC. It is one of their free patterns (under patterns, bamboo yarn). It was the Salt River Poncho. I'd post right to the pattern, but the page isn't playing nice today.

Chelsea said...

That is really cute! I remember seeing a sample sweater up on the wall at my yarn shop last summer, and it was crochet. A cute short sleeved thing, that I would have made myself, if I were not a Priestess of the Needles, rather than the Hook. ;)