Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well, this morning Gak and I got some sad news. Gak's uncle, who'd been fighting lung and bone cancer passed away overnight. We've known this was coming and new it was going to be soon. We weren't thinking it was going to be quite this soon.
This means that we're heading back down to OK tomorrow and back on Sunday. Then I get to turn around and fly out to ND on Monday. Ugh.
To make matters more fun, neither Gak nor I slept at all last night, well barely. Remember that cold I told you Gak came down with at the first of the year. Well, it's a bit more than a cold. It has never really gone away. If anything, the coughing has gotten worse. (Hence why neither of us slept last night.) This morning we finally took him to the doctor and it turns out it's probably a form of bronchitis or the like. So, now he's on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory asthma medicine, one I used to take. He'll be on this for about 7 days and then goes back to the Dr. in about 7 weeks. I hope it's all cleared up by then.
Ok, well, I'm wrapping up things here at the office so I can go home and pack. We leave pretty darn early tomorrow and it's going to be a long few days. Peace to all and to all of your loved ones as well.

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