Thursday, September 18, 2008

Whirlwind Week

Well, this week is almost over.  It's been an interesting, somewhat stressful and a bit of a long one.  Both at work and at home.

At home We had some interesting moments.  Wednesday Gak had an appointment at the hospital.  For a colonoscopy.  So, I'm guessing you can imagine what Tuesday evening was like...  I felt for the guy, I truly did.  Don't worry, everything's OK, but there had been some issues that the doctors wanted checked out, and so the test.  Hopefully he won't have to have one of those for a very, very, very long time.
We also had the living room painted today.  The landlady finally got someone to fix the messed up wall by the window and the ceiling in the hall closet.  They painted today.

Boo is really loving to play with his balls more and more.  This morning it broke my heart to leave for work.  He had almost fallen asleep on my shoulder after nursing this morning, but woke up when I put him in his bed and was all smiles.  (Having to put down a sleeping boy is hard enough...)  I put him into his bouncy because Gak was still in the shower so I could finish getting ready.  Well, he's all giggles and smiles and playing with the toys hanging on his bouncy.  The look on his face clearly said "play with me Momma!".  But I couldn't.  I had to go into work.  There were things to do and people waiting for me.  It sucked.  It's tough to leave him when he's sleeping, knowing that he'll wake up and I'll be gone.  I'm sure the confusion about that is a lot less these days, but still, that thought hurts.  As tough as that is, it's about 100 times tougher to leave when he's awake and wants to play.  And in all honesty, I hope it never gets any easier.  That means the job wins.  The job is a means to an end... it's where I go to earn money to pay for everything we need so I can take care of my son and husband and play with them as much as possible.  My family is first, the job a very, very distant second or third.  (But I do like my job.... mostly....)

The picture at the top of this post is Boo and the special edition of Warhammer Online that Gak pre-ordered.  I think it weighs almost as much as Boo!  It had two hard covered books and a bunch of other stuff in it.  Yes, I've lost my dear husband to Warhammer.  I'm a little sad, and a little glad that he's enjoying this game.  (He's been in pre-order beta for a while now...)  I'm a little sad because he won't be playing with me in EQII.  A little cranky because he has time and energy to play and I have barely loged in since March or April some time.  Yes, I know, I could be playing now instead of typing this.  But by the time I get a little bit of snuggle and play time with Boo and him to bed, it's already almost 8:30 and I've got maybe an hour or so until I want to crash.  There just aren't enough hours in the day for everything I want to do.  So, something has to give and unfortunately, it's my friends on EQII that I don't get to see much of any more.
But, I'm also happy because he's got friends he's know for years that are also playing and it's something he enjoys.  I just wish I didn't feel so guilty about being grumpy that he's got time to play.  (I try not to take it out on him, but I doubt I succeed all that well... you'd have to ask him...)
Work has been a torturous time this week.  To some extent this picture sums up how I feel.  Somedays like the poor Dino Puppy who didn't make it out in time, or the Momma discovering the mess.  (No, that's not dino piddle... but boy drool.  I couldn't resist posing the dino that way...)   Monday I didn't get in until 1 because of Boo's doctor's appointment and the fact that I played hookie for about an hour or two after it to be with my son.  (Hey, I'd told work I'd be in by 1 and I was... besides, this way I was able to give Gak a ride in to work himself...)  I did manage to get some stuff accomplished.  Wednesday was definitely a chase myself in circles day, as I didn't get in until almost 2 due to Gak's appointment.  Today was a long day spent mucking about in code and not really understanding what I was doing.  Thankfully the original project engineer and I are friends and he was willing to lend me a hand (even though he's in software now...).  I also spent time chasing myself around in circles a bit while waiting on things.  I'm getting dizzy from it all!
I hope tomorrow goes well.  I've got at least one call I really, really should make.  I didn't get a chance to return this customer's call yesterday or today and they're getting antsy.  (Of course, it took them almost a week to get back to me in the first place.... and the issue itself has been open since first quarter I think and they haven't called about it since June... why it wasn't looked into then I won't go into... stupid staffing issues...)
Next week should be fun.  I've got one day totally dedicated to training as I've got more customers coming for another seminar on the software part of the regulatory changes that are all but here.  (This has been in the works for almost 5 or 6 years I think and some people still have no clue that this will affect them by April at the latest!)  Next Thursday is Gak's birthday and next Friday is our company picnic.  At least Boo is going with me.  I'm not 100% sure if Gak is or not, I have no idea if he's talked to his boss about it or not.  I hope he is, but if not, I'm at least taking the boy.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up, get a glass of milk, take my vitamin and curl up with my book for a few and get out of the paint fumes before bed.

Peace to all and may your weeks not feel like a whirlwind.

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