Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life's Little Miricales

There are some times, like this morning, when I look at my son and I just can't believe it.  I can't believe that this entire human being has been made by my body.  Well, almost, I did get some help from his daddy after all...
I mean, from a single cell all the way to the almost 15 lb squirming happy baby that he is, it has all come from me.  He spent 9 months in my womb growing and becoming a baby.  That in and of itself is amazing right there.  That one tiny little cell with information from two people could grow into a brand new human being.  But what's even more amazing in my eyes, is that even since then, every single cell has come from me.  He's been 100% momma-fed since day one.
It truly is amazing what you can do in a year.  Yes, it was just about a year ago, give or take a week, that the Boo's journey began.  (Although, he'd been in our hearts and dreams for quite a bit longer...)
(Yes, this is a picture from last week, I only have a few from the weekend and haven't downloaded them yet...)

I think Boo may be right handed.  (Since I'm a lefty and Gak's a righty... it was a toss up as to which way he'd go, or if he'd be a lucky ambi.)  He's using his right hand more and more for more things, while his left is mostly ignored.  Sure, he uses it, but usually to get things closer to the right, or to assist the right.  No, he's not passing things from hand to hand yet.  I don't expect that until after he can sit up by himself, which is a good ways off.  Anyhow, that was just a random small thought thrown in for good measure.

Work continues to go.  I think it's going well this week, but I'm not sure.  There are lots of things I just can't get to because I'm too busy running around in circles doing other things.  I taught for the first time since May yesterday and it went very well.  It was a brand new seminar, and other than a few technical difficulties in the beginning, everything went smoothly.  I get to do it again tomorrow and then on the 23rd and 30th as well.  I'm fairly happy with it, seeing as though it didn't exist at all four weeks ago.  (Well, there were a few things and a bunch of ideas, but there was a ton to put together in the last few weeks.)
We will see.
I still would much, much rather be home with Boo than here at work.  Well, maybe a couple of hours a day would be nice.  But overall, this working thing is way over rated.  
I do have hope for the company.  The reorganization that's been forced by everyone leaving seems to be a good thing overall.  Sure, we lost a ton of knowledge and some good people.  Some, I'd want back in a heart beat, some, I wouldn't take back on a dare.  But, I think we've got a great leader in place in the business and he's working his butt off to get us back to where we need to be.  I honestly think everyone, both coworkers and customers, are happy with this guy and interested in seeing where things go from here.
But, speaking of work, I guess I'd better get back to it.

Peace to all and may the small, and not so small, things in your life amaze you.

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