Saturday, September 13, 2008

Raspberries and Other Sundries

It's the little things in life that make it so wonderful.  My son has achieved a major milestone in his life.  He can now blow raspberries.  He started it sometime yesterday.  I was holding him on my lap while we were at Gak's work and all of a sudden I hear this cute little "ppbbttht!".  I blink and quickly ask Gak if he'd heard him do that before.  The answer was no.
He then started doing it and giggling for almost a half hour straight!  I couldn't help but giggle with him.  It was so cute.
He's also playing with toys now.  Before the last week or so he'd occasionally grab a toy that interested him, but he'd never really "played" with his toys.  He now grabs his "dino puppy" and grabs for his elephants on the bouncy chair and as you can see from the picture, play with his ball.  This is a wonderful toy that our friend Linda from TN sent us.  She sent us that little ball (her grandson who's about 12 weeks older than Boo loves his) and a dragon that is the same colors.  I think Boo is going to love the ball about as much as little Drew does.

The rest of the week at work wrapped up well.  I've noticed that I've stopped posting quite so much since I've been back.  I think part of it is because I'm not home all day with Boo, so I don't directly have as much to say about how he's doing.  (This is very, very sad to me, but a fact of modern life it seems...)  I think part of it is, I'm actually more tired now than I was when I was home with a newborn.  I also think that I just don't want to talk about work, and that's where I am the most these days.
Anyhow, I'll try and keep you updated.

This weekend is looking pretty low key.  We went up to the shopping area near the good movie theater this evening.  We didn't buy a thing, other than having dinner at Red Robbin.  I should have picked up another pair of jeans, but I was really looking for navy pants.  My one pair decided to fall apart this week.  Oh well.  I still have my khakis and black pants.  They'll have to do for now.  It's a good thing I get to wear jeans most days.
Well, this weekend would be low key, except my dad tried to give my mom a heart attack by falling down the stairs.  He's OK.  He only needed four stitches in a cut on his elbow.  He's going to be majorly black and blue and stiff tomorrow, but he's mostly just a little shaken up but OK overall.  Mom, on the other hand, is much more shaken up.  She's been worrying a lot about dad recently, so finding him at the bottom of the stairs was quite a shock to the system.  She'll be OK, she just needed to talk to someone a bit about it.

Well, I think I've updated on everything that is going on.  If not, I'm sure I'll say something about it next time.
Peace to all and "ppbbbbttththt"

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