Sunday, September 21, 2008

Celebrating Family

This weekend has been a very good one.  Boo had a few minor meltdown moments, but overall was happy boy.  And this was an action packed weekend for him too!
This picture is actually from the end of the weekend, not the beginning.  Boo and Daniel finally get to meet.  Daniel is my cousin Ben's son, and he just turned one on Thursday.
Let's start at the beginning then.  Saturday started out as a normal Saturday.  Take Daddy to work.  Go do laundry, come home and have time with just Momma.  (And let me tell you exactly how much Momma really, truly enjoys those few hours where she has the boy all to herself.  I really can't get enough of that.)
But, instead of just hanging out with Momma until it was time to go pick up Daddy, it was called pack for an overnight trip.  I mentioned it Saturday morning, but we were going down to GrammaSue's and PopPop's Saturday night so we could go to Baltimore this morning.  I manage to get just about everything all packed up while Boo took a 30-45 minute nap!  Yes, that is quite impressive for him these days actually.
We go and pick up Daddy from work and then head down to King of Prussia.  You see, Boo doesn't actually own a bear of his own.  We've got A.T., Sally, Sam, Scout and Angel, but they "belong" to Momma and Daddy and don't play often with Boo.  (Although Scout "watches" Boo for Daddy on the bed while Daddy gets dressed most mornings...)  We decided we had to remedy this.
This is Garret.  He's the newest member of the Bear family.  Boo's still not 100% sure what to make of him.  He seems to like Garret, but is a little put off because he's so much bigger than his dragons and Dino Puppy (who thankfully hasn't had another "accident" lately).  By the way, Boo does not like the mall.  (Not that his parents much enjoy it either...)  It was way too loud and he just did not like it.  That may also be why he hasn't taken to Garret right away either.  We will see.  Garret is a sweet little boy who really is looking forward to playing with Boo, even if it means just being a drool catcher for now.
Boo never did quite get over being cranky from being bombarded with so much noise at the mall on Saturday night.  He was happy and content for a bit, but then had a major melt down.  I took him into the basement at GrammaSue's, nursed him for a bit and he calmed down.  After getting him into his PJs, he fell asleep on Daddy's chest.  I was able to take him back down and put him to bed in the Pac 'n' Play without incident.  He slept fairly well.  
I didn't, but that's because I now know why mom and dad replaced their old bed.  It is hard as rock.  I mean, I know I'm used to my waterbed and all... but I've slept on many, many different beds over the last 3 years and this had to have been one of the hardest, most unforgiving mattresses I've ever slept on.  Ugh.
We got out of the house and going by about 7:30 this morning and made it down to Ben and Jenny's by about 9:30.  GrammaSue and PopPop rode with us so we only had to take one car.  It was a nice and easy drive and uneventful.  It was nice to have Ben and Jenny to ourselves for a few moments before everyone else started arriving.  There were 20-24 people for breakfast this morning.  It was so good to see everyone.  This was the first I'd gotten to see Kami, since their wedding, and the first time Rae or Kami got to meet Gak.  This was also the first time in a year that I got the chance to see Beverly and Richard.  The one good thing about the travel job was the fact that usually at least once or twice a year, if not more, I'd get sent to southern California and would be able to have dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, Brother and maybe some others as well.
Anyhow, we had a very good day at the Sugerman's place.  The Sugerpeople were getting over colds and Boo was a little off because there were so many people he didn't know.  But overall, everyone had a good day.  I've got lots of pictures up over on Flickr.  I'd post more here, but Blogger is being a bit painful with the image posting at the moment.  So, after you're done reading this, go there and take a look.  I think you'll agree that Daniel is a cutie and that I've really got a great family.  (I hope to have some more pictures from Ben soon.... he got some good ones of the boys together that I didn't, because my camera was out of reach...)
I hope everyone else had a great weekend too.
Peace to all and may your family gatherings be cause for celebration!

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