Thursday, January 22, 2015


Oops, it looks like I forgot to keep writing again.

The short version? We've been stupid busy.

The slightly  longer version? Work has been crazy for me, but that was expected.  Boo has been having much less trouble.  Girl Scout cookie sales have started and Gak is trying not to get run over by me.

So, now for the more detailed telling of the  last  two weeks...

I guess I'll start with Boo-boy.  Once we got the red car fixed and schedules returned to something approaching  normal, he returned to normal.  That boy has always had a problem with change and disruption  to his schedule.  And over the holidays it was a real mess. N he has had several really good days at school and has been green or better every day.  He never has been able to say what was bugging him, but he is back to almost  always using real words and his real voice.  The sparkle is back.  So, at least for now, we've passed the problem by.  But, I will continue to watch and worry.   That is my job as mom.

On the bigger plus side with Boo, he got to spend most of Monday with Amma.  They played.  They went and saw Paddington.  They went out to lunch and went shopping.  Overall  both of them needed the day.

January  is stupid  busy at my office. All the clients have to get their tax letters done by the end of the month.  So, on top of the normal, every day kinds of wuestions, we've got end of year kinds of questions.  So, it gets a little crazy, but we're almost there, which is good.  I've also changed things up a bit, I now get to work 8:30 - 5 instead  of 9 - 5:30 on Thursday and Friday.  That just started today.  I'm happy with the idea.

Girl Scout cookie sales started last week.  This year is going like gangbusters so far.  The downside is Rhi isn't in scouts this year, so no Julie for cookie mom.  So Kat and I are splitting the duties.  And really, even though it is more work for us, I'm happy with it.  Julie did an awesome job, like I knew she would, and I trusted her completely.  But, with Kat and I doing it, we have complete control.

And like insaid, Gak is mostly just trying  to stay out of the way and not get run over.  There has been some minor drama with gaming, but not much more than usual.  Work continues to be work and the daily struggle is about the same as ever.

And on a completely different and slightly random topic.... the Little Red Honda  just passed 200,000 miles on Saturday. Yup, Little Red is still running great and has passed the 200k  mark.  Very impressed.

So, I bid you peace and manageable chaos in your life.

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