Monday, January 12, 2015


Yep, today was a Monday, an icy, wet, icky, grumpy  Monday.

The morning started with being woken up by Gak's  phone ringing at 5 to tell us there was a 2 hour delay.  (So thankful to have 2 cars again...)

The rest of the "getting ready for work" time was uneventful.  I made a yummy lunch of sourdough and matzoh  ball soup.  I made tea.  I made out of the door about when I wanted to due to icy roads and having to clear a car off.

The roads were nice and clear  and I got to work with no problem.

Until I went to grab my lunch bag.  And it wasn't in the car.  Then I remember I'd put it on top of the car to open it because my other hand had my tea mug.  Then I don't remember putting it in my car after opening it......
Man.... I was so looking forward to my soup!

And the Internet  tried to be flaky when I got to work.

And did I mention it was just about freezing out.  And raining....

Yeah, it was a long day and I can't find my lunch bag.  Thankfully  I have soup left for tomorrow.

Now, I'm staring at 2.5 balls of lovely chroma yarn in fingering weight and I just can't find a pattern for it.  Or come up with any ideas of my own.  And it is taunting me.
So, yeah. Grump.

But, tomorrow is another day.  And hopefully I won't (literally) lose my lunch.  And it isn't supposed to rain.  And I get to give girls cookies and get that rolling.
So, I will pike and prod at patterns a bit and then call it a night.

Peace to all and may your Mondays treat you well and your soup stay where it is supposed to be.

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