Friday, January 09, 2015

Chaos and Exhaustion

And another week has drawn to a close. It is pretty safe to say everyone  is  fairly exhausted.

I know Boo is more exhausted than usual. It has been a hard week with him.  Tuesday he got a yellow, because  he just wasn't focusing and doing his work.  Wednesday  he remembered his lunch, but forgot his backpack, and I didn't have time to go home and get it.  Yesterday  was crazy with the leader meeting. 

Then, today I get an email from his teacher.  She is worried because Boo is having such trouble this week.  And I was going to email her this weekend to see if he was having trouble  at school because he's not been himself at home either.  He's either been super quiet and withdrawn or bouncy and obnoxious  at totally  wrong times.  I don't know what's up and eitherBoo himself doesn't  know or doesn't have words for what  is bothering him.

I'm sure the chaos in the schedule  with only  one  car isn't helping.  And maybe the chaos of the move is catching up to him.  Or maybe it is something totally  different.  I don't know.  I wish I did, because then I'd know if and how to help....

On the plus side, the LRH goes into the shop tomorrow to have all her parts put back together.  This will relieve st least a few headaches next week.

I wish we'd bitten the bullet  and done it earlier... it would have been nice to have two cars last night, especially  since it was leader meeting.  But, we made due and everyone got where they needed to be, eventually.

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