Sunday, January 11, 2015

A "Restful" Weekend

Well, this weekend just flew by.

Yesterday was full of all kinds of chaos, not to mention he spending of a lot of money.

Let's see if I can remember the day's events in order, shall we?

So, first off it was get everyone up and moving early so we could get the LRH to the shop by 8.  Then it was grab some breakfast (I'm still not a McD's  fan...), drop Gak  off at work and then do laundry.  After  the laundry, it was over to bowling to meet up with Kat and Steph  and figure out the logistics  for the next part of the day.  This involved standing in the bitter cold and wind while loading 105 cases of Girl Scout cookies into Kat's car.  Then over to her place for grilled cheeses and tomato soup.  Steph and Billy were going up to Allentown, so picked up our other 4 cases of GF  cookies for us.

But, the day wasn't  over yet! At 2:00 it was go pay for the repairs, run through the grocery  store  for some food and then go get Gak from work.  Oh, and Boo is still at Kat's so, after picking up the red car and swinging by the apartment we still have to get a boy.

I go thud shortly after this point.

All I can say is that I'm very glad to have 2 functioning cars again.

Today we were supposed to go to Dragonhead  for Pathfinder.  Yesterday, Gak decided we needed a down day.  Especially  with how Boo has been recently.

Here's my version of a down day...

Get sourdough started at 9:30 or so the night before.
Mix and set sourdough for the first rise at about 7:00 or so in the morning after a lousy night's  sleep.
Fix some breakfast eventually and set the bread up for its second rise.
Start some chicken soup and bake the bread.
Try and nap from 11 until noon, but not really sleep.
Finish soup, including matzoh  balls by 1.  Take a shower in there as well.
Eat soup and bread for lunch.
Get the boys dressed so we can run to town to put gas in the grey  car and pick up the groceries I forgot yesterday.  Meanwhile, Gak takes Boo to try out PS3  controllers.
Come home.
Put away groceries.
Start making the chili  for dinner.
Play games with one or both boys.
Finish dinner.
Eat dinner.
Run a bath for a boy.
Play for a bit before sending a boy to bed.
Wonder what  happened  to  my restful day off.

Oh, and I'm ignoring the fact  that tomorrow  is supposed to  have crappie weather.....

So, peace to all and may you actually  have a peaceful day.

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