Saturday, January 03, 2015

Heating Hijinx

Well, the story of today is going to be a bit longer than yesterday's....

So, this starts out like a fairly normal Saturday.  Except I actually have to pry myself out of bed.  And the apartment is cold, and it's not just me.  Gak actually said he turned up the heat.

Then I look at the thermostat.... it's somewhere around 63 degrees, and the thermostat is usually set closer to 70 and it had been bumped up above that.  Hmmm....

Anyhow, with being down to one car, we pile all three of us and the laundry into the Durango and drop Daddy off at work, and the boy and I precede to the laundromat.  The laundry gets done, and fairly quickly at that.  Then the boy-o and I head home.  On the way home we decide I'll make an early lunch of mac'n'cheese and we'd eat in front of a movie.  (I was feeling tired and cranky, and the boy doesn't get much TV time and was being quiet and reserved himself....)

Oh, and it had started flurrying and was supposed to get worse throughout the day.... possibly sleet, possibly rain, but definitely icky.

Well, I bring up the laundry that I always hang to dry and open the door to the apartment and.... it's still around 60 degrees.  And we'd bumped the thermostat up to 80 before we left about 2 hours earlier.  /sigh.

So... I text the landlady and start getting lunch ready.  Movie time snuggled under blankets sounded really good at that point.  While in the middle of making lunch I get a text from her saying that her husband would be over around 1 to bleed the radiators (I really do love radiant heat!) and to try turning up the thermostat.  After laughing at the message on my phone, I let her know I had.... at 8:30 and here it was 10:45.  (I told you it was an early lunch... neither of us had breakfast....)

So, the boy-o and I settle into our spots in the living room (the boy-o loves the big red beanbag chair we got him for Christmas) with our lunch and watch Phineas and Ferb's Star Wars.  After that, I decide to put in the actual Star Wars, Episode IV in.  Boo wanders off before they even left Tattoine (sorry, I can't spell...) and grabs his tablet.

In the meantime, our landlord knocks on our door at about 12:30 and says that it's not just us, but the whole building and that we're the only ones who called them.  And that there was a guy on the way because it wasn't something simple like the pilot light.  (I knew we still had gas to the building, I had hot water for dishes.... and my hot water bottle.  I love that thing!)

So, we stayed curled up with the blankets and the movies and tablets until it was time to pick up a Daddy-bear.  At one point it felt like the radiators were getting warm, but it was only temporary, as I was informed by the landlord shortly before we headed out to pick up Gak.  (The heater guy's truck was still in the lot when we left...)

Anyhow, figuring we might have a cold apartment to go home to, we decide to go to Target so Boo-boy could spend more of his Christmas money and then decided we might as well use the Red Robin gift card Nana sent us for dinner.  We also did a few other errands.  Before coming home I checked my phone and I had a message from about about 3:30 saying the heat was fixed.  Yay!

Well, we get home about 5:40.  And, the apartment was at about 60 degrees and the thermostat was at 80.  Needless to say, another text was sent to the landlords.

Anyhow, miraculously around 6:30 or 6:45 the radiators start warming up.  And now, at almost 9:00 the apartment is back to a normal temperature and I've lowered the thermostat to it's normal position.

So, over all it was a do-nothing day, but it wasn't a fun one.  I like feeling my fingers, toes and nose.  I did get a good bit of work done on my newest hat while watching movies.

Here's hoping tomorrow will be both low-key and warm.  The weather is supposed to be warm, if wet.  (And then back to cold again on Tuesday, what the heck?!?)

Anyhow, I'm off to bed.

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