Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Tale of Two Days

Well, I guess I owe to days of stories tonight... seeing as though I fell asleep last night.

So, yesterday was the story of the client who just couldn't understand what I was trying to help her with and would only talk to me.  Now, she is a nice enough woman.  And what she was trying to do isn't the easiest thing in out system... But no matter how I explained it, all it did was make it worse.  And make her feel like it was never done the same way twice.

And she called back at least twice today.... asking for me.  Thankfully  I was on the phone both times.  Also, thankfully  my team lead knows and is going to try and head this off at the pass.... I hope so.

So, overall  not too bad for a Monday.  It was cold, and work was work, but not a bad day.  Just long.

Now today.
Today is the story of headaches and snow and long commutes and yellow days.

There was/is a front moving through.  A pretty fast one, an Alberta clipper they call it.  They usually give us a few inches of snow and then a handful of bitterly cold days.  Well, yesterday was the wind and the falling temps, today was the snow, and tomorrow  is the wind and the bitter cold.  Therefore my head woke me up at about 6.  I'm still not sure if it was trying to explode or implode. It doesn't matter at this point.  All I know is made a bad drive to work even worse.  I left early and was still 20 minutes late.   And I swear people left their brains at home.  Making left turns on red.  Driving in two lanes.  Just being stupid.  I can understand slow, it was messy, but this was just stupid.

Once my headache cleared when the pain pills  kicked in, work went fairly well.  Only a few moments that made me want to pound my head on my desk.  Not bad really.

Tonight  was supposed to be scouts, but between the weather and only one car and people saying they weren't going to be there.... I canceled.

Apparently I wasn't the only one having a rough day.  Boo came home with his first yellow day m since last November.  I could tell he was tired this evening.  Apparently  during writing, he took too long and just wasn't on task.  Well, he was very upset explaining it to me.  We talked about it and he understands why he was on yellow.  Poor kiddo.  Anyhow, I'm sure tomorrow  will be better.

So, that's where things stand....

Peace to all and may your heads not explode and may they stay focused and on task.

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